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    2000 Viper turns over - wont start P1389 Code

    Mamba_153, I agree. I was just reading through this thread and thinking how nice it was that people took the time to listen to what the OP was saying and help him work through the problems. Plus, the level of expertise is very high. I've run afoul of the alarm circuit keeping my Viper from...
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    Gen1('95) Sounds like gunshots from an exhaust pipe

    I was always under the impression that this was caused by a slight difference on the tension of the cables that open the individual throttle bodies on each side of the engine on the Gen 1s. I can tell you that if they are not as close to the same as possible it will make it much worse. A very...
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    1993 Gen1, anti-theft system, key fob sync fail

    Thank you very much Steve. I think both Fobs are good as I could program one or the other but not both. From your response I was probably pushing too many buttons. Its a 1994 Gen 1, BTW. Battery is fully charged thanks to a drive today, even though I keep a tricle chargeer on it most of the...
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    1993 Gen1, anti-theft system, key fob sync fail

    Thank you guys so much. I haven't been driving my car a while, and my cool Sneaky Pete Key broke in half so I put the fob somewhere ... who knows where. I got tired of looking for it and I bought a couple off of eBay and was able to ground the green wire and train the new fobs. I personaly...