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    Flame throwing GTS!!!

    Here's a couple of pics of the car.
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    Flame throwing GTS!!!

    I've an exhaust leak by headers and since than it's been a flame show on decel and shifts ;)
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    Flame throwing GTS!!!

    It's been a long time since I posted on here... Quick video of my car... Enjoy!
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    Gen 2 TA Spoiler Installed Pics

    The car is clean title. I know what i wanted to do with the car before I bought it. It was stock and red when i bought it. I don't think there's many things stock left on the car anymore. Dan @ Viper Specialty Performance tuned it a few months back and it made 740rwhp with a novi 2k and quiet a...
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    Gen 2 TA Spoiler Installed Pics

    Here are some Before/After pics of the autoform spoiler installed. The spoiler looks a lot better in person. It's just something you can't capture in pics just like the GTS, seeing the car/spoiler in person really shows how good it is.
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    900 RWHP from a Novi2000 Supercharger. Is it Possible?

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    900 RWHP from a Novi2000 Supercharger. Is it Possible?

    I wouldn't mind trading for an 08. My car was built by A&C performance and puts down 700+rwhp/740rwtq. It has more in it but that was enough for me and I think it's on stock pulley. It's got RSI heads/cam, novi 2k, tr6060, OS giken/800hp half shafts from unitrax, full A&C fuel system, 14 inch...
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    DIY "KNG" Custom Gauge Faces

    Did you start doing these as a service yet? if so when do I ship you mine? :)
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    Gen2 Line Lock pics please.....

    sweet, who sells that setup?
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    A few new pics of my white Viper...

    The stripes are black, here are some crappy iphone/instragram can see more of the concave effect in these...
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    A few new pics of my white Viper...

    haha, yep yep, thanks for the setup. The brakes are the best mod on this car, stops like no other car i've driven so far.
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    A few new pics of my white Viper...

    Nope, custom splitters.
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    A few new pics of my white Viper...

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    some new pics of the car...

    Haha yep still married, don't post much because of that reason.... The wheels are 360 forged concaves...
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    some new pics of the car...

    Took some new pics of the car with nephews truck. Sorry about the crappy iphone pics... wheels are 19/20's 360 forged concaves
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    Looking for brake advice

    I have DBB 14 inch kit on all four corners on my 97 and the braking improved tremendously. I was advised against using 14 inch in rears on a non abs car but it worked out perfectly. I even got a custom bracket made to run 15 inch rotors in the front using the SRT calipers but never got around to...
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    KNG SNKE's diffuser blade installed, PICs inside...

    Here they are and they look great. Pics don't do this mod no justice... KNG SNKE's guage faces are sitting at home awaiting install...
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    Be careful folks who you let work on your baby

    I usually note my mileage in front of the owner and check the mileage once the car is done. Make sure you let them know that you are keeping track of the mileage.
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    lol, will show the whole thing soon, getting a photoshoot setup with 360forged...
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    360forged concaves
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    KNG Diffuser instaled!

    They look great but I don't know what to say about the tail pipes. KNG Snke I m dropping my car off in a few hours to get the blades installed. Pics coming soon...
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    Why is the viper so much better looking in person?

    I agree with you, my car doesn't look good at all in pics but in person it looks 100 times better. It is very hard to capture the curves and the stance in a pic. Here's a good pic of my car. The wheels have a brushed lip now and look much better...
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    Pleasantly surprised by my registration fees

    Last year I paid around 600 here in Cali for my 97 and this year was 250 I believe...I thought it was because my car was getting old...
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    Fabricated my own splitter

    Sweet, I had one custom made as well. Yours look better however...

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