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  1. Barry

    P0432 @ 22,354 miles

    This code popped up with no other codes on my 2000 GTS. Efficiency for the catalytic converter on engine bank 2 is below efficiency, (passenger side?). When the car is driven it is driven, and not by a little old lady, so I'm wondering what is with this code and how to rid myself of it. Yes it...
  2. Barry

    EVAP pump code

    My 2000 GTS just popped a code for a leak detection, (EVAP)pump. I find it odd that a low mileage car would burn a pump. Anyone have anyideas on this code and if the pump is interchangeable with other models? I hatespending money on this kind of part.
  3. Barry

    Evap pump trouble code 2000 GTS

    I got a trouble code that pointed to the Evap Pump. Icleared the code but it returns. I’m assuming I need a new pump. It’s a 2000GTS and I don’t want to spend $87 on some pos that doesn’t affect performance. Hasanyone had any luck repairing these things or bypassing this problem?
  4. Barry

    Ok what’s the deal with parts?

    I took my 00 GTS into the shop in late June for an air conditioning leak. They still have my car 10/2 because the suction hose that I need seems to be unavailable. I have been told that this part is on back order and quite a few people are in this situation. Is this what we can expect from...
  5. Barry

    Old tires

    :omg: I took my 00 GTS out for a ride this week, the first time in about a month. As I was going around a curve I hit a bump that made the car jump to the side. As this occurred the car lost its grip and it felt like I was sliding on ice. It was all I could do to regain control of the car. I was...
  6. Barry

    Door Trouble

    I love my Viper I drive it as often as I can. It’s going on eight years old now and has just over 11,000 miles on it, including a road trip from NJ to VOI 7. :nono: But I have a beef with Dodge about my doors! Both drivers and passenger doors are having problems. The drivers door latch is no...
  7. Barry

    My doors are falling off.

    I am very disappointed with my now seven year old Viper GTS. It started with the passenger door dropping what feels like a ¼ inch when you open it and it is eating up the weather stripping. Then on a road trip about 100 miles away the drivers door decided it didn’t want to latch anymore. What is...
  8. Barry

    Do the math

    I need a good mathematician to give me a formula for figuring out how fast a Viper can accelerate in 200’. If the Viper goes 0-92.78 in 660’ how fast was it going at the 200 foot mark?

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