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  1. Matt1340

    Gen 1 Soft Top and Window Trunk Storage

    There is a soft bag dodge made for the windows. I was able to find a NOS one just a few months ago. There were a number available. The rear glass ?? Same issue. Towel wrap. If anyone has an idea of how that was intended to fit in the trunk I would love to know
  2. Matt1340

    Looking for local Viper owners

    I'd be down to help start up some sort of Houston area group. I was at the the car show in Friendswood at stevenson park last Saturday. There was probably 100 or so cars, I was surprised to find mine was the only Viper there. It would be cool to get a group together. If you wanted to talk...
  3. Matt1340

    Looking for local Viper owners

    Onelowr, Brock’s car care in Webster and Axle and Wheel aligning Co. in Pasadena.
  4. Matt1340

    Looking for local Viper owners

    I live in Seabrook, Tx just bought a ‘94 a couple weeks ago. Been having a tech at my own shop go through everything. Not saying by any means we are “viper specialists”. Though we have worked on the suspension on many. Anyway got one of my sharpest younger techs on it. Anyway anything I can...

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