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    Serpentine belt

    The anti rotation nub fits properly into the Block ( both the factory one and the new one ). In fact - I have included a diagram which illustrates that the tensioner actually sits too close to the block relative to the other pulleys.
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    Serpentine belt

    The vehicle is stock. All the other pulleys (including the crank) are in perfect alignment with each other. It’s the tensioner that doesn’t align. I even purchased a new one and installed it but it’s exactly the same- out about 1/4 inch. I’d expect that all the blocks are cast the same ? and...
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    Serpentine belt

    04 SRT 10- noticed frayed belt - installed new one ( 7 rib belt ) - in 2 days the outboard 2 ribs blew off. Noticed the tensioner was out of alignment- put on new one- same problem. Put old belt and tensioner back on. Car works fine on 5 rib belt. The 5 belt ribs sit on the inboard 5 ribs of...

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