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    Viper GTS Anodized Carbon Special Edition

    Is this posted somewhere yet? Apologies if so..
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    Newbie Q: Where to put a hydraulic jack; wheel lug nut torque

    Ok, I can't seem to find in the owners manual any recommended jacking points, not in any searches here. I need to remove the front rim. I am using a typical rolling hydraulic floor jack. Where am I suppose to place the jack to lift the front? Afraid to cause damage of course. Any tips...
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    SRT Flag in the mail

    Did anyone else get a SRT Flag in the mail? Not sure why I got it, but pretty cool! Some SRT promotional booklet as well! Probably a repost, but didn't find it in search.
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    What paperwork came with a 2005 Viper when new?

    I picked up a 2005 Viper Commemorative this summer. The original owner just could not find any of the standard documents and manuals that came with the car, and I have given up that he will find them. So I am trying to replace them. From what I can see, this kit is the standard issue stuff...
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    What manuals and paperwork came with a 2005 Viper?

    I picked up a 2005 Viper Comemmorative this summer. The original owner just could not find any of the standard documents and manuals that came with the car, and I have given up that he will find them. So I am trying to replace them. From what I can see, this kit is the standard issue stuff...
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    Since I do not have the fundage for a TT kit or Greg Good heads, I can't start an awesome thread like that. But I can afford some bulbs! I haven't seen a thread that focuses on what works and doesn't work with external and internal replacements for bulbs. I know many have done this, so let's...
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    Two carfax reports left, expires on 8/23/12

    I have two carfax uses left, so if you are looking for a Viper to buy, let me know. It expires tonight or tomorrow, so be quick!!...-expires-8-23?p=3100639#post3100639
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    I have 3 CarFax checks left, free for Vipers!... expires 8/23

    I had purchased 5 CarFax Reports, but bought my car, and have 3 leftover. First come first serve for VIPER reports. Let me know. Just realized it expires in 1 day, August 23, 2012. Derek
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    RB1 and Sirius questions, for a 2005 Viper

    Yes, yes, not a performance mod. Will look into that next year. I just bought the car! I have been looking at the RB1 radio, specifically because I want a clean in dash Navigation system. Not really concerned about audio quality as I like listening to the engine of course. Just want nav...
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    Finally, picked up my first Viper

    Here is the story: I had posted several threads looking for various Vipers: 1) 2006 Blue Verts 2) 2005 Commemorative 3) 2009 White / Red stripes I finally ran across a Commemorative that was local in Queens NY. I took a ride up there to check it out and saw that it has been in storage in the...
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    How to find a Viper certified service department?

    Is there any way to tell if a particular Dodge Dealer is a certified Viper service center? I can't find any way to tell other than calling them all and trusting them. I am looking for a Viper, and I may want to get it inspected at a Dodge dealer local to wherever I find one I am interested in...
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    Who has a 2009 White with Stripes Vert? Red stripes?

    Still on a quest for the 'right' Viper. The number of color and wheel combos is mind boggling, and I am sort of in a paralyzed state. I am interested if anyone has a White Viper Vert with Red Stripes, I belive 2009. I have seen one picture that someone posted long ago, and that's it. Does...
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    Is this the 2008 Silver Roadster, 1 made? Sold on eBay

    I had noticed a while ago that there was only 1 silver roadster made in 2008, labeled 'special'. I really don't know the story behind this car. Well, it went on eBay on Saturday night, and was sold in less than a half hour. So I guess someone knew what it was. The paint code is P99, not the...
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    Spun rods and slipping clutches... why and when?

    Ok, looking for a used Viper as some may have noticed. The engines seem very durable when properly taken care of. However, I have read on these forums, a few cases of spun crank bearings. I have to assume this is due to low oil or improper maintenance. Is there anyway to look out for this...
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    ... ALSO looking for a 05 Commemorative Edition

    I have another recent thread looking for an 06 GTS BLUE vert. I love the color, but in order to increase the pool of available cars, I would like to add the possibility of the white/blue Commemorative. I feel like I really need to know what's out there in order to make the right choice. I've...
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    Looking to buy 2006 blue SRT-10 Convertible

    Hi! Been lurking here for quite a while, and been looking at Vipers since 1993. Finally, the time is here to buy. My financial ducks are all in a row. However, I am specifically looking for a 2006 Viper Blue SRT-10 convertible, not a coupe. Looking also for all stock preferably, with some...

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