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  1. J

    1997 GTS wont start.

    Just an update. It's running fine now. Thanks all Just needed to relearn how to idle
  2. J

    1997 GTS wont start.

    ok. update. so it finally decided to start. but I had to use the throttle to keep it on, it wouldnt idle on it's own. ?? I'm going to get some fresh gas for it, but I dont think that's the issue here.
  3. J

    1997 GTS wont start.

    Must be something simple... I can hear the fuel pump turn on, the battery has plenty of power, the starter is doing it's job until the battery gave up. I have the battery on a charger now.. only variables that are different it's much colder than usual for me and I havnet started it...
  4. J

    Question on stock shift knob.

    I've seen it done first hand so someone has definitely figured it out
  5. J

    Debadging a 97?

    I like the gold. chrome would have matched your wheels.. I think white would have looked like a circus.
  6. J

    Using a floor jack

    I doubt it matters if you lift your car with doors/hood open. thinking back I guess I have left the hood open while jacking in the past. dont be surprised when your jacking one corner and the car is suddenly balanced on two wheels, the frame is super stiff. as others mentioned.. go slow.
  7. J

    Found a leak?

    get under it and see what's going on ... seems minor.
  8. J

    WOW! Rude Viper Owner

    If that conversation is accurate and you didnt come across smug in anyway.. yeah.. that's pretty lame. I'm guilty of not wanting to chat about my car a hand full of times though if I legitimately need to leave, but I will always answer a few bursts of questions and leave with a smile or thumbs up.
  9. J

    Back into a Viper Again

  10. J

    Clutch Master Cylinder Removal/Replacement Needed?

    I wouldnt worry about the squeek. try to grease it like others mentioned.. but I had a camaro that did it for like 3 years before
  11. J


    I have Hawk pads up front.. they make very little dust. the rears are stock pads and it's really annoying. I may have them swapped soon just so i dont have to deal with the dust... i know exactly what you mean.
  12. J

    Tampa happenings this weekend?

    you're a weekend too early!! next weekend is cars and coffee at dupont registry building. there's a car show at peabodys, 15333 Amberly Drive, Tampa @ 9pm.. but it's hit or miss in my experience. I'd meet up with you but my schedule is packed like 20lbs of potato stuffed into a 10lb bag.
  13. J


    Anyone have a pic of that wedge. I'm curious as to what's going on
  14. J

    New battery time. Questions...

    this.. I think the longest I've had one last was 5 years.
  15. J

    Milestone - Gen II GTS

    I've put more on my viper this past week than I have all year (a lot due to repairs) to the tune of about 1,000. puts a smile on my face ear to ear. well done on 100k.. my hondas dont even have that many.
  16. J

    The one thing I absolutely love about my Viper...

    I agree. I'm in a Gen 2, but it just feels like the cockpit was made for me.
  17. J

    Dodge Viper GTS Outlaw Dragster Crashes into Wall

    looks to me he just got out of the grooves.
  18. J

    O2 simulators hillbilly style........

    I know a few guys running non foulers.. Yes they work
  19. J

    Dodge Viper GTS Outlaw Dragster Crashes into Wall

    Drag car made to look like a viper... Happens though novice to pros.. With a car like that you're just along for the ride
  20. J

    1999 GTS... First Oil Change Ever???

    how do you get the filter back on?
  21. J

    To those that have lowered Vipers

    I lowered mine about 3/4 inch with ISPCO lowering caps. Just watch what's ahead. Take curbs at angles. I live in fl so roads being flat helps
  22. J

    1999 GTS... First Oil Change Ever???

    As others mentioned. Drain it while flat and while it is the OEM filter, mine has the same
  23. J

    $158 red light ticket.. the viper repair still costing me money

    Looks like you crumbled yours up. Lol
  24. J

    $158 red light ticket.. the viper repair still costing me money

    How can they do that? I think it's a civil payment made to the city
  25. J

    $158 red light ticket.. the viper repair still costing me money

    no no. I did go through. There's a video they so kindly linked me to as well

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