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    Wheel and Tire size options

    I have some great 19/18 wheels for sale: then, there become several tire combinations available to you (Pirelli, Michelin, etc.). 345 rear, 275 or 295 front will fit your car, NP
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    Tail Of The Dragon

    This is the thread - we need to start a 'who is expecting to come list'. The tentative date will be the 16-18 of September. Any takers?
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    Recieved a package. Very nice. Why?

    sweet! What a car with great heritage!
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Do we have any more interest for this year?
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    Supercharged Gen 4

    Do you have a thread where anyone has done so? Also, do you know if the HPTuner will tun the Mopar off road controller for a supercharger, or is it just the stock controller?
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    Tail Of The Dragon

    Get to know your backroads for possible September 2016 T.O.D. drives with this general map:,-83.9330097,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0000000000000000:0xef30959d45b92ec2!8m2!3d35.466717!4d-83.9202529...
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    Any events coming soon?

    Depends on...want to do the Tail of the Dragon with the other guys first of June? We also will be scheduling one for VCA this fall.
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    Gen IV ACR Owner in Jacksonville?

    It may be further than you'd wish to drive, but i live in East TN - in the Townsend area - so close to Tail of the Dragon. Would be happy to take you for a spin.
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    Tail Of The Dragon

    Sounds good - we'll probably have a firm date for the T.O.D. event this year - i am assuming that it may fall sometime close or during the time you will be here. Will be happy to share routes!
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Total silence...i guess we are not doing the TOD this year. :confused:
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    thanks, joined both, and posted on first, pending membership on second. If we do a Spring event, we need to move fast. Here is what i posted: "We definitely need to make some decisions about the when, and get preliminary numbers. If it's 10 or under cars, then it is going to be very easy to...
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Please post link.
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Will do - would sure like more feedback on forums by those interested in attending. I am unaware of any pending dates of VCA events, so let me know what you think about these general time frames: April 21-24/25th*, May 26-29/30, Aug 25-28/29 or Sept 22-25/26 ?? * (PRACTICAL Spring probably...
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Unsure...because i volunteered to help organize it? Is that a negative issue? No problem! I would love to help. I miss seeing and hanging out with all my old Viper's been a few years for me!
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    So several have expressed interest. I don't know how LARGE this event may become - or it may remain small and driver oriented? This Tail Of The Dragon event seems to be the first of its kind in a while for VCA (I assume since the VOA/VCA split?), but i can tell you this, i'll be happy to lead...
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    Tail Of The Dragon

    Seems like we should take this interest, and go to the other thread :
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    Please see this link:
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    Tail Of The Dragon 2016

    see this link:
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    Tail Of The Dragon

    Being unsure of how large VCA is compared to VOA (after the whatever reason split happened) it feasible to have a separate Tail Of The Dragon event for VCA members this year?:dunno: I just rejoined VCA after a few years hiatus - hence my question. Since i live close to the TOtD and the...
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    ACR fog light delete cover

    Pardon my confusion, but i was under the impression that the fog lamp delete on an ACR meant that the fog lights/lamps/covers were removed, and there was brake ducting installed to cool the front brakes...did i dream that?:omg:
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    American Cancer Society Charity Car Show

    I have scanned in the info for this - a worthy cause for those in Knoxville TN area. :2tu: Car Show info
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    Nashville Super Speedway Feb 5 HPDE

    Update: Weather looking iffy at this point - tracksunlimited has not yet canceled the event. Intellicast - Nashville Weather Report in Tennessee (37217) :eek: :dead: :ouch:
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    Anyone for a U.S.129 drive Friday afternoon?

    WHY....THE LEGAL LIMIT, OF COURSE!!!! ;) :drive: ( I cannot answer for the man, but alas, I have heard this groove upon many occasions )
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    Billet steering rack bushings - great upgrade

    You can take the play out of the steering, but you can't take the play out of the driver! :rolaugh: :eater: :2tu: :headbang:
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    Anyone for a U.S.129 drive Friday afternoon?

    Here's one video. On the way to U.S.129. Another one should be posted soon:

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