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    WANTED - ACRX Original parts

    WANTED - Original ACRX brake cooling setup Door latch section of driver and passenger door panels
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    OEM 2010 ACR Parts

    Last kick at the cat.... Few remaining items for sale in great condition from 2010 FE ACR Looking for offers Headliner Rear Bulkhead with speaker covers and tweeters Driver/Passenger carpets Window door darts Passenger window motor assembly Gloss black lower centre console Shift...
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    2010 - removing rear quarter panels on a coupe

    Looking for guidance removing rear 1/4 panels on a coupe, all visible screws are remove, silicone has been cut where seen. Feels pretty secure still. Does the roof have to be loosened to remove? Any guidance would be of great help. Drew
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    parting out the interior of a final edition ACR

    Parting out the interior of a 2010 ACR FE. I'm located in Northern BC Canada there's a bit of a delay in the classifieds for pics but if there is something specific you need drop me a PM. Headliner, everything out of the doors, factory seats, aftermarket status racing seats and brackets that...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    Is anyone out there running full carbon fiber rims?? Looking at a second set of wheels, was originally going to pick up a second set of the OEM ACR wheels but then kinda got interested in the idea of a full carbon set. I like the look of the forged 360 CF Straight 5ive rims. Any knowledge of...
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    Winter Blues

    With snow still ball deep in my neck of the woods and spring driving still 10 weeks away, a morning lap dance will have to do!!!
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    Rockin ACR-X Components on my Final Edition ACR

    Its been a pretty wild 4 days at BBG after a 2700km drive to work with Toddy on my ride. Modifications are going extremely well, a few more days to go but thought id post a vid of initial start up with open headers. Will follow up with more pics, vids, and information. ;)...
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    Dec Visit from Northern British Columbia Canada

    Ill be arriving in Sacramento on Monday 3 Dec. Having some modifications done to my car at Bad Boyzz Garage. Would like to do a road trip to San Fransisco on the weekend of 8 and 9th as well as catch some of the 25 Hr enduro at Thunderhill Motorsport Park If all goes well Meatball...
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    Trip to Beverly Hills

    Just came back from 4 days in Beverly Hills. Surprised to see only a single Viper on this trip. Poor old guy has seen better days, sitting in a "weird for the surroundings" derelict kinda repair shop on South Robertson Blvd just off Wilshire Blvd. Looking forward to my trip in two weeks to...
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    pacific raceway

    Lapping day with turn 2 lapping. It's for charity to Seattle cancer care alliance. Date is Thursday sept 27, at pacific raceway. Register at or contact Tom direct at tel:(425)417-3675. Cost for the day is a measly $225. (includes a hot lunch) They will be running 3 run groups...
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    Suggested place to get my viper on a dyno near Porland 23/24 Sept.
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    Replcing factory seats with racing buckets

    Replacing factory seats in a 2010 ACR. I see a two conductor wire that goes into the back of each seat. Assuming this has to do with the air bags. What is normally done with this pair of wires when installing a set of racing buckets?
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    Engine concern

    2010 Viper ACR. Pruchased new March 21 2012 with 40km. Today the car has 17000km Have always had noisey top end, my coupe same year had similar but not as loud. Lately noticed output seams less than it did with 2000km. Noticed the drivers side pipe has oily carbon residue and passenger side...
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    nail in tire

    Ended up picking up a nail in drivers side rear. The tires are Michelin cups. The dealership removed the tire from the rim and repaired from the inside. I'm sure they are fine for the road. Track day coming up, there is still a fair bit before the tread wear bar comes into play. (they have 7k km...
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    2010 FE #10 of 50 AV100460

    Well enough time has passed and I'm willing to share a story. I purchased this car new with 255km in Oct 2011. I drove it 100km and put it in storage. I went from a pickup truck to a viper with no steps in between. It was the longest winter of my life. In feb I had signed up for driver training...
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    genIV ACR

    Noticing now with 3k km on the car, roll on power through 1-3 the front end is lifting a lot more than it did when it had less than 1k km. there is also a clunk left rear tower if the car hits a bit of a bump. Question: is it normal to have to make a preload adjustment when it's broken in?
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    2010 Final Edition ACR vs 2010 SSG ACR

    Looking for general consensus amongst members of VCA Of these two cars, I'm curious which has more appeal, which has more potential to be sought after in future years. I'm looking at both and cant make up my mind.
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    Vancouver BC lower mainland

    Any local members interested in meeting on the 19 Feb, I'll be down for the week. Drew
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    enclosed trailer tie downs

    I have borrowed a 24 foot car hauler to make a 1000km trip so I can get some seat time in my viper. What is the best way to restrain a 2010 coupe in an enclosed trailer. DT
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    Gen 4 window scratches

    I had my side windows tinted yesturday. Wasnt to impressed to find scratcheds on the outside of both windows that wasnt detectable before the tint was installed. There are 4 other vipers parked in the same location, 2009, and 2010 models had same scratches, 2008, no scratches. Has anyone else...
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    Come have a laugh, maybe you can help

    K, i need some help, and in return you may get a laugh. I live in Prince George, our winters are long, my new viper is in storage. I have it on jack stands, tires removed and a battery tender. The car is in a warm facility. I fired it up the other day after it had sat for 2 months. I put it...
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    New Member

    Hello, my name is Drew, located in Prince George BC. New owner of a 2010 FE Coupe. Look forward to spring of 2012.

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