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    Gen III High Flow cats

    I'm looking for some high flow cat's for a Gen III. I even am interested in cat delete pipes, but high flows preferred. I will probably buy some new ones, but I though I would check here first in case someone has a set laying around. Its bolting up to corsa 2.5" cat-back exhaust.
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    first autoart purchased

    I finally got a 2006 red with white striped viper made by Autoart. I figured with 6000 pieces made, it would have been easier to find one, but that isn't the case. One finally came up on ebay and I got in a little bit of a bidding war and ended up paying $122. Its way more than I wanted to...
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    ACR car cover

    I know its a long shot, but does anyone have a car cover from a 08-10 acr laying around they want to sell? I have a 06 coupe with a ACR wing and don't have a cover for the car. Usually its in the garage, but it would be nice to have one.
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    car stereo / tablet install

    here's the latest on my tablet project. I installed a Sony mex/gs600bt head unit about a month ago because it has the option to be controlled by an app on a phone or tablet. Next, I purchased a Nexus 7 32gb tablet to be installed in conjunction with the stereo. I had a few different ideas on how...
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    car trailer for rent?

    I know its a long shot, but does anyone have a car trailer I can rent/barrow from the 12th-16th? I am going to a 1/2 mile event outside of Atlanta and my wife isn't too thrilled about doing a road trip in the viper. We have driven to Atlanta a couple times in the viper and she is tired of it. I...
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    new stereo system phase I

    I have only had my 06' coupe for a couple months now, but I can't stand the lame sound system that comes on a 90K car. I had an 03 vert before this and it didn't bother me that much because the top was usually down and sound quality was shot anyways. So I figured I would start playing around...
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    connector behind blulkhead question

    hi guys. Hoping you can answer my odd question here. I have a 06 coupe and decided to do some sound deadening this weekend. I did the entire trunk and behind the seats along with under the seats. Anyways, when removing the bulkhead/giant plastic thing behind the seats I noticed a random wire and...
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    1/2 mile racing in September

    Hi guys. I'm trying to spread the word about a 1/2 mile event going on in your backyard in September. All the spots are already filled and around 40 people on the waiting list but if your interested in getting on the waiting list, just follow up with wannagofast. I will be there in my 06 Paxton...
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    OBD2 question

    Hi guys, I need a little insight here. I have purchased two different Bluetooth OBD2 dongles to work with a tablet for running programs like torque. The problem I am having is both dongles are not powering on. I tried both dongles in different vehicles and they work fine. Is there something...
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    replace stereo with tablet

    I am thinking about replacing the crappy stereo in my 06 viper with a tablet. Has anyone out there done this? Here is the list of parts I think I will need. 1) Tablet, thinking nexus 7 or some other 7" that I can utalize data sharing with. 2) Some sort of line driver/pre-amp I can run...
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    Gen III stereo/hvac surrount

    I don't know the exact name for the piece, but i'm looking for the dash piece that goes around the stereo/hvac/guages/vents. I would prefer one that is pretty beat up. I have an idea to install a tablet in place of the OEM stereo, but I don't want to tear up my piece for R&D. I just need...
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    Charleston vipers??

    Anyone in the charleston area? I have been a viper owner for a little while now and finally crossed over to the paying VCA club. Figured I would introduce myself in this section and hopefullly get to meet some of the other members in the area Kristian Ray. 2006 viper. VCA edition, red...
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    new viper in the family

    I made a post about selling my old snake a week or so ago. well it didn't take me long to replace her in the garage. I picked up an 06 VCA edition 14/50 coupe on friday. I had checked out the car a couple months ago when I was down in Florida for work, so I already knew the car ws amazing. It...
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    Sold my 03'

    Well, today is bitter sweet. I have been really wanting an 06 or 08 coupe for some time now. I have been saying I would put my 03 up for sale for months now and just couldn't get myself to do it. So today I was getting my A/C recharged and thought I would check out the local used luxury car...
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    Georgia 1/2 mile racing

    Hey guys, spreading the word again about some 1/2 miles racing. We just did an event last saturday and had 4 vipers show up, so I think the word is spreading. There was a gen II, two gen III, and a gen IV. 345s-bspinnin set a new N/A record for any of the events we have done with a speed of...
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    1/2 mile racing event

    Hey everyone, I wanted to pass on some information on some half mile racing action going on later this year outside of Chicago. I have participated in a couple of these events and let me be the first to tell you that its a ton of fun. I'm not trying to sell you anything, so mods please be kind...
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    08+ exhaust

    Does anyone have the OEM exhaust from an 08+ viper laying aruond that you want to get out of your garage? I have magnaflow on my 03 right now and its just too loud for me (I never thought I would say that). I don't neet the cat's, just basically the "cat back" section. i think that $200 shipped...
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    anyone know this car? (yes another thread...) I love my vert but I feel like this car is calling my name. I emailed the dealer and they said they would "consider" $56,700. From...
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    Please help. Keys locked on trunk

    Is there any way to get into the trunk of a 2003 viper? I'm at a racing event an while grabbing my helmet I dropped my keys in the trunk on accident. Is there any way to get the trunk open? Please give me a call if you know a way. I can verify vin number of you want to show I really have the...
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    used aftermarket exhaust for Gen III

    This might sound like a odd request, but I am looking for used aftermarket exhaust for my (new to me) 03' I would really like to get rid of all the factory tubing before summer hits here in Florida. Its already starting to get warm and I would rather not have all that heat under my butt. I'm...
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    Standing 1/2 mile in Carrabelle, FL... Anyone going?

    It looks like there is a standing 1/2 mile event coming up in carrebelle, Fl on March 24th sponsored by Does anyone know anything about this event? I have only had my viper for a couple months but this seems like a good sanctioned even to open her up a little and have some fun...
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    Looking for srt + intro

    Mod's, if this is the wrong place, please delete or move. This is my first time posting on this forum. I have been lurking around on this site for a few months now and thought its time for an intro. My name is Kris. I have always had a fascination with vipers. When I was very young, my father...