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  1. S - Project Viper GTS: Pt 1 - History & Intro

    Hey guys, Check out MotoIQ's newest Project Car: Viper GTS - Part 1 History & Intro. While many of you already know the history of the Viper, there might be a few new tidbits of information in this article that I wrote: "The Dodge Viper has been competitive on the world stage by doing it the...
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    Track Junkies - Post your Pics and in-car Video!

    Calling all of the track day junkies. Post your favorite pictures of your car on track and some of your in-car videos!
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    Anyone calculate/know the Motion Ratio?

    Has anyone calculated the front and rear Motion Ratio for a Gen I/II to determine the wheel rates? My search has come up with nothing.
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    Warped Grill

    Have any of you guys had your grill warp like this? Are there clips that hold the horizontal piece in place to define the thin shape or does the entire bumper need to be replaced? Warped Grill: Not warped: Thanks!