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    Need help with cigarette lighter issue

    I was airing up my tires yesterday using a 12v air compressor plugged into the viper's cigar lighter. I aired up 1 tire and it suddenly stopped working. I double checked the air compressor worked in another vehicle socket and also confirmed a phone charger worked in another vehicle but not the...
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    Belanger vs corsa

    I have Belanger LT headers and high flow cats and a Corsa cat back. The system came with the car and I've been happy with it. I did have to make an adjustment from the cat to the Corsa's and it wasn't hard to do.
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    Good Mechanic in Houston Area

    Check out Tomball Dodge. Morgan, their Viper tech, is very well respected.
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    HELP PLEASE Viper Family I just bought a 1500 miles on it 2017 Viper ACR

    No, I was just curious if he got resolution to his issue.
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    Exhaust Leak

    Thanks Mopar Map, I appreciate the reply. I'm going to end up biting the bullet and welding one end and using a slip fit with the other.
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    Exhaust Leak

    I have an '02 GTS with Belanger LT's, HF Cats, and Corsa cat back. I pulled my driver's sill and noticed that one of my exhaust clamps has rubbed through the heat shield and while investigating noticed I have an exhaust leak. The back of the cat pipe does not reach the start of the Corsa catback...
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    Valve Cover Paint

    I'm in the same boat with my '02. The paint has flaked off in a couple of areas. It seems like a pretty straightforward fix, but I'm not looking forward to leaving the valvetrain exposed. I could do exchange but think I want to keep my original covers and have them done at the same time as my...
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    FS: 2010 Viper SRT 10 Coupe with upgrades

    Did you sell the car? I'd like to see pics of collection also.
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 07/22/18

    Ditto what Steve said. It's so handy see all Craigslist items grouped together.
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 06/25/18

    Wow, thanks for posting. I always scan my local Craigslist but it great to see it all aggregated. Rick
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    Thermotec and rocker sills

    I'm reusing the stock heat shields and noticed I had a small hole thru one side where an exhaust clamp poked through. I patched it from the outside with a 1 by 1 in. piece of Thermotec be cool. I've read some horror stories about Thermotec, think I'll be ok with this small piece? I would...
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    sticky steering wheel cover

    Thanks, I will be interested in your results. I don't have a spare airbag assembly so I'm curious to see how you make out.
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    sticky steering wheel cover

    Hi, I had a couple of spots on the air bag cover of my '02 GTS. We're you ever able to rectify the issue?
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    1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results

    Glad you got it figured out, will be curious what your new numbers are.
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    Hmm, ceramic coating

    I put a paint coating on my car and it ran around $60. Hard to beat for the money. The most important part is paint prep. I spent about 5 days polishing before I applied the coating.
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    viper tuner in San Antonio Austin area

    YW, there shop seems really clean from the photos, etc.
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    Found something interesting on CL yesterday.

    Thanks for posting. Anyone looking for a Viper should check it out. I sxan my local CL listings.
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    GENI & II OEM "like" Radiator Replacement Option

    Good to know, thanks for the update.Rick
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    GENI & II OEM "like" Radiator Replacement Option

    Who is the shop folks use to have their radiators recorded?Thanks,Rick
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    viper tuner in San Antonio Austin area

    There is a tuner in Austin that seems to have a good reputation. They are Calvo Motorsports. There are several shops besides Hennessey in the Houston area such as Viper Exchange, D3 Performance engineering, etc.Rick
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    Anyone recognize this bolt?

    I thought it was determined to be the Jesus bolt. :)
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    How to reinstall the front fascia

    Was this video ever made?
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    2002 gts gas cap/cover corrosion

    Chrome is the easiest way to address it. You can take it off, strip the clear coat and polish also.
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    VCA mobile app

    Thanks John, I will send a PM. You can find the old APK on sites, but I would rather get it from you.