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    Anyone around Chicago have a busted block they can give me?

    Looking for a Gen III block for mock-up puposes. Anyone??
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Graphite, black center band, red stripe. All the usual upgrades. 4300 miles. Viper Club ad here: eBay ad here...
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    For Sale: Gen III seats with Gen II mounting kit

    I have a set of Gen III seats in excellent condition that include the mounting kit from Northwind Engineering. They are installed and therefore a direct bolt-in for any Gen II. These are a great mod for less than half what I paid and the hardest part of the install is done. Details and more pics...
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    Reminder: Supercar Saturdays moved to Autowerks this weekend

    Let's see some more Vipers this time around! It will be held at Ron Durchin's Autowerks like last time. Event details: Supercar Saturdays Ron's website: Welcome to Autowerks
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    Supercar Saturday

    Sorry for the cross-post, but this is more suitable to us Illinois members. I posted a bunch of pics from the last Supercar Saturday, which was at Ron Durchin's Autowerks. Nice turnout, but we need more Viper guys. You can see pics here...
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    Gen IV bolt on's questions

    1) I see the K&N Typhoon intake and dual air filters on the K&N site. Is this the setup people are using in combination with Belangers for the oft-quoted gains? I recall seeing an intake setup at the track that included a flat piece of carbon fiber that acted as a deflector for radiator heat...
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    Anyone try these diamond plate floor mats?

    That's not my interior, mine is ACR HC :D Currently have no floor mats. Are these "Ricey or Racey"?
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    Anybody know if I can title a new car without paying taxes?

    I bought my car out of state new from a dealer, did not register it with the DMV, and thus did not pay sales tax. However, now my lender wants the title as collateral (even though they are listed as lienholder on the bill of sale). So if I register the car (title only, no plates), will I be...
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    Are all the ACR-X's accounted for?

    Title says it all. Depending on the loss on my 1800 mile '09, I might consider this.
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    ACR front splitter question - 56k warning

    Take a look at the front splitter in these pics. It seems to me the splitter should be deflected slightly downward, or neutral at best. I know this is only two pics, but I have many more from various angles that seem to show the same thing, i.e., a slight upward deflection. Without measuring...
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    Who ordered prints at Autobahn 9/14?

    I ordered the CD ROM from the guys in the big truck. Were supposed to be here in 2 weeks and it's going on 3. However, I tossed the receipt. Anyone have contact info for them? They took some nice photo's! TIA, Manoj
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    Anyone scratch-build an exhaust?

    From the header down, it seems like a fairly straight shot. Granted, there might be issues with codes, but for those with Mopar PCM's, I wondered if anyone has attempted a homebuilt set of pipes?
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    Sold my baby - THANK YOU VCA !

    She left night before last, looking and sounding great as always. I will miss her. She's been a big part of my life for the last 6 years. Got separated and divorced since then, became partner in my practice with many ups and downs, many a messed up financial crisis, teenager tests of my...
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    Lowered the price on my GTS

    Sapphire GTS with Silver Stripes, HRE wheels - REDUCED! - ViperClub Classifieds Everyone said it was priced great to start with, bu the market is certainly slow. I want to sell this quick, so hopefully the new price does the job. Check out the specs and mods in the Classifieds. I added new...
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    2001 GTS for sale - many upgrades

    Posted in Classifieds. Some of you may have seen my car at Autobahn, Ron Durchin's, or perhaps Gingerman. Don't make meetings in Schaumburg that often :D If you or anyone you know of is interested in a nicely built and maintained GTS, give me a shout. A local buyer would be best, as I can easily...
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    Is this GTS-R for real?

    Dodge : Viper:eBay Motors (item 360167044995 end time Jul-23-09 07:00:07 PDT) If this is really a low mile GTS-R, this is a deal. But it says 400HP, so I am confused...
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    Best car cover for ACR

    Tried a search but haven't found anything. Wondering what you ACR guys are using for car covers?
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    My GTS for sale

    Posted in Classifieds and on eBay (groan). I'm in IL if anyone local wants to take a look at it. Sapphire GTS with Silver Stripes, HRE wheels - ViperClub Classifieds Dodge : Viper:eBay Motors (item 120447090102 end time Jul-21-09 19:59:15 PDT)
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    What happened to all the Classifieds?

    Yesterday, there were two or three pages of 2008 & 2009 SRT coupes, today there are 4 2008's and two 2009's total. I understand the pages might not be updated as often as I'd like, but this is kind of drastic. There must have been ads from months ago on there! Additionally, it gives a false...
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    What's the latest on EP, rebates, cash back, etc?

    Sorry if this should be common knowledge, but I get conflicting information all the time. Mostly true from the dealerships! Anyone know accurately what the status is, and especially when things are expiring?
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    "falling Stock Market Means Falling Viper Prices!!!!!"

    I'm getting a little sick of seeing this in every place that Vipers might remotely be for sale. Especially true as the prices listed are just about the highest I've seen recently. Anyone else bored to death of this? :dunno:
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    Hey, when we pull up the list of cars for sale under any heading, the list shows the number of views. Could we replace that with mileage somehow? It would be much more useful. Thanks, Manoj
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    No 2008 ACR's on eBay

    Been lurking the boards fantasizing about an ACR for some time. Since they came out, this is the first week there are NONE on eBay. Still several in the classifieds, but it appears the "glut" is turning the corner. Make way for the 2009's!
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    Brake caliper (piston) spreader?

    I've seen and used those cheapo thumbscrew types but there must be a better answer, hopefully one specific to Brembo's. Ideally all four pistons spread in one hand motion, like squeezing pliers. Sheesh, can't be that hard. So what are you guys using???