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    I saw some old threads on this, but are there new products to plug and play on the lighting for Gen I and II? Kenny
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    viper mechanic new orleans

    Does anyone know of any good mechanic in the New Orleans area that specialises on Vipers? I just need a good mechanic, not looking for super performance mods. kenny
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    2000 R/T 10 sports bar

    I'm taking the sports bar off to place a 3 piece hard top. What do I do with the weather stripping that runs from the door seals and attached to the sports bar pad. It is one piece. I can't link a pic. If some could tell me how...
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    RT/10 Top latch

    The passenger side latch on the front of my hard top backs out and disengages especially if the road is not smooth. The driver side does fine with bumps and speed and stays engaged. Any thoughts on how to fix this. Thanks in advance for any help