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    Gen 2 viper parts for sale

    hi i recently sold my 2001 rt/10 and i have some parts kicking around that i would like to sell. i am located in Ontario. i can send pictures if you are interested. if you see anything you would like make me an offer 1- Mopar Factory rt/10 cover embroidered with logo and rt/10. perfect used...
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    Header size question

    Hi I am looking at buying some headers the seller tells me that the I.D is 1 5/8" and the O.D. is 1 3/4". So my question is what size are these ? as I do not know if headers are sized by the O.D. or I.D. Thanks Stew
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    has anybody used these mats?

    I am looking for an alternative to carpet floor mats as mine never seem to stay in place and I do not want wear spots on my carpet. I found these aluminum floor mats on ebay (item # 280273510828) and although I hate the look of the shiny mat I figured if they solve my issue I could just get them...
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    Opinions Wanted

    I think I have found a new viper to add to my garage. So how much should I offer? I just wish he had a buy it now option. ebay item number 260362829705 I could not resist :lmao::D Stew
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    Whistle/Whining Sound

    I have noticed over the last couple of weeks when under initial acceleration from a stop or while moving I hear a whistle/whine noise could this be a sign of an upcoming P/S pulley failure? any advice would be appreciated. thanks Stew
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    My first experiance with the Viper Tax

    When I was at my mechanic getting the snake oyl muffler delete system installed last week (sounds great by the way :D) I was walking around the car while it was up in the air and I noticed the driving light (fog light?) lens was broken. needless to say I was not very happy but it happens all...
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    gen II soft top installation

    Hi, first of all I would like to say that I have been lurking around on this site since I purchased my 2001 rt/10 last October and must say that I have enjoyed reading and learning about the various things related to owning a Viper. My car did not come with a soft top, so after a few months of...