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    Pictures with new wheels

    these fit the car's needs better then the HRE's did :D
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    Pro EFI install on TT Coupe

    Thanks to Chris Delgado for coming to get the car fired up and checked out before we drag it over to the dyno :smiley1: Main goal in the swap was to gain reliability. The AEM was a pile of ****. Had already lost 3 units, and now they can't even be repaired anymore. But the Pro EFI will have...
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    HRE'S with tires for sale! :D
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    Washed the car and took some pictures

    I can't remember the last time I washed a car myself, haven't had time in the last few years.
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    Traded up Vipers

    I came across an oportunity I could not resist and pulled the trigger! Thanks to Bernie Katz for making the transaction smooth and quick! If anyone is looking for an exotic I highly recommend him: BJ Motors - Used Dodge Vipers, Exotic Sports Cars I now own both cars on the cover of GM...
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    Pictures of new rims

    in preparation to requiring some major traction, got rid of the HRE's and went race car mode:
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    Pics of the Viper

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    Paxton Installed!

    Thanks to F8L SNK for the help on the install! I bought the Paxton Kit from Matt (GTSNRT10), he shipped it promptly and I recieved it on friday and installed it saturday! Everything runs great! I'll get it on the dyno soon to see what it do. I don't have any pics of the engine bay...
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    Lowered the Viper

    did the eibachs with spring caps, real nice drop together, I love the way the car looks now, just need rims :D I also installed some MGW goodies and a short shifter but no pics of that lol. Thanks to F8L SNK for the help :D Pics: :D