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    Galveston drive on Good Friday

    Good Friday drive to Galveston & lunch If anyone interested 6-cars so far. Troy:drive:
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    Houston AutoRama

    Just wanted to say thank you to Speedy & Bill for all the hard work putting together the Viper display at the Houston AutoRama it looked great, I hope a few members stopped by to enjoy all there hard work. I know with talking to a few spectators who stopped by to see the cars really enjoyed...
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    How to remove fuel from tank on 2008 viper

    Need help in removing fuel from tank on 2008 viper have 1/2 tank need less than 1/4 for car show. Thanks
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    The Viper sailboat club is looking for a few Vipers for a photo shoot with thier Viper sailboats this Sat. (09/08/2012) if anyone is interested 10 am at the Houston Yacht Club in Clear Lake Shores off Hwy 146 I will be there with a couple others, we could drive to Galveston for lunch after...
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    May 19th Cruise

    May 19th event Cruise & Lunch Meet 9:45 at Sams Club 13600 E Freeway or I-10 & uvalde, for those coming from North East can meet in Dayton at 10:45 on 90 & Winfree in the Brooks Brother parking lot. We will cruise thru Liberty, Anahuac, High Island to lunch at Stingaree's at 1295 N...
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    Viper Round Up caravan

    Time to start putting together caravan plans for Viper Round Up we are leaving around 10:00 am friday morning from League City stopping at Sams Club on El Dorado on our way out, if anyone is leaving around the same time let us know. We are pulling the car on trailer so we can load truck for...
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    Drive Sat. 1/14/12

    Anyone up for drive Sat. morning to Winne / Bolivar & Galveston then lunch
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    Holiday open house

    We are wanting to have a Holiday Open House on Friday December 16th from 6:00 pm to when ever, with lots of Dreamsicles and other drinks and lots of Goodies to eat!!!. We want to see how many were interested in coming out on a Friday night with it being so close to Christmas. If we get a good...
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    Failed Texas State Inspection

    I have a 2008 Viper that failed Texas State Inspection. The only mods are Random Tech High Flow Cats they are throwing codes P0420 bank 1 and P0430 bank 2, has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix???. Thanks
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    Zone Rendezvous

    Ok Houston how many are thinking about going to Dallas for the Zone Rendezvous. This could be a Round UP makeup for those that didn't make the Austin event, Hope we can get a good turn out from Houston sounds like fun!!.
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    Anything going on 4th weekend

    South Central, Is thier anything going on 4th weekend, will be in Canyon Lake thinking about bring my car. Troy
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    New skin on ssg vert.

    New skin on SSG vert. took me awhile to pull the trigger but glad I did, wanted something a little different.
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    Next Houston Viper Event

    Our plans for the "3rd Annual Harless Home Event" is to meet at Troy & Cindy's house on Sat. May 21st around noon for drinks and snakes "I mean snacks" and yummy Dreamsicles then we head to Top Water Grill for a late lunch around 2:00 after some good food we will leave for a cruise to the...
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    Crusie on Oct 11 at I-10 Gessner

    If you would like to take a backroads cruise with us please join us this Sun, Oct 11th at 2p in the parking lot on the Northwest corner of Gessner and I-10. We will take a cruise that will last a couple of hours and I am sure that we will end up stopping to eat somewhere. So you guys just show up!!!