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  1. DJ'sviper

    1993 Gen 1 good news.

    I looked up the valuation of a 1993 viper on Hagerty Vehicle Valuation Report. As of May they have FAIR 21,200 GOOD $30,700, EXCELLENT $45,800 CONCOURS $66,100. It looks like they averaged a $5,000 jump since January. I'd say mine would fall into the excellent category and with two after...
  2. DJ'sviper

    $45,000 Offer on 1993 Viper Do I wait for him so he can buy it?

    I showed my 93' Viper to a 19 year old young man who will be in my town until February. When he heard that I was going to sell it for $40,000 he said he would to buy it for $45,000 if I would wait until May of next year. He wanted it really bad. So we shook hands on it and their were witnesses...
  3. DJ'sviper

    Switched Insurance

    I put my 93' viper on Hagerty Insurance. I heard that they are more likely to give you the stated value of your car. I also have two classic cars a 68' Charger and a 73" Cuda. I put all of them on Hagerty. Do you have an Insurance Company that is better. Insurance companies will go do a price...
  4. DJ'sviper

    Is there two Dj'sviper

    I was looking at the thread viper pricing and a djsviper replied. He said he sold his 1999 viper and talked about the Gen 1/2 viper? I never had a 1999 viper only my Gen 1 and still have it.
  5. DJ'sviper

    Painting inside fo Gen 1

    This is from a previous thread. I decided to air Brush the interior. Use PPG paint and played with the color to match it. The shop that supplied the paint were very cooperative and gave me paint to mix so I could get the color perfect. I used an air brush. I'm an artist and am familiar with the...
  6. DJ'sviper

    Switch with no wire???

    When I dismantled the council one of the switches we not connected to anything. I thought maybe it was for the other fog light but they both work. Is it supposed to be connected to anything? What is it for. It has a blue plug on its end, It is the one on the right side of the fog light. Maybe...
  7. DJ'sviper

    I posted before about the dash See photos Food unplugged wire???

    I bought some PG paint and had the store mix it to the color of the interior. I am artist so I saw it wasn't matching. The tried more red but it wasn't enough. So they gave me a bottle of red paint. Kept adding drops and got it right on. Painted (or retouched the interior) with an air brush. It...
  8. DJ'sviper

    1993 Viper Dash

    My dash is starting to look its age. People have scratched it and it is worn with the rubber paint that is on it. I am an artist and was able to repaint and touch up the dash but it doesn't stay long. How has the viper community been able to deal with this issue. I saw some after market dashes...
  9. DJ'sviper

    Emergency brake slips

    I had Berlinger headers put on and new exhast and it sounds great and my mechanic did a good job. However, when I pull the emergency brake it slips to the top postion and then usually catches the second pull. This is annoying. It never did this before I brought it into him. When I brought it up...
  10. DJ'sviper

    Tires and aging

    I have a set of tires that I bought off of ebay with rims. They weren't too old at the time but I didn't trust them and upgraded to new ones to be safe. Glad I did because one of them had a plug in it where they fixed a flat. They have been sitting in my garage, (heated and air conditioned). Are...
  11. DJ'sviper

    My membership, Tickets

    My membership went out. Can I still get tickets for the viper and Challenger drawing? Called headquarters left message and didn't get an answer.
  12. DJ'sviper

    Losing control in 2nd gear

    I have a Gen 1 and lost control after I hit second gear at a 1/8 th mile track. Sideways and within an inch from the guard rail and pulling it back on the track. Thought it was mostly the Trans Am that spilled antifreeze as he went in front of me. Old tires also played a factor. Taught me a...
  13. DJ'sviper

    Won Dyno test,, need advice

    I was drag racing at a local speedway and won the fastest et time for an all stock car. Received a free test. Do they also tune the car. Can I trust these guys to know what they are doing? I was just thinking on taking it in to see how much HP I was at. What should I expect and what do I ask for?
  14. DJ'sviper

    anode and cats for Gen I

    Would these be beneficial to buy off ebay?:dunno: :smirk: Anode Radiator Cap - All Dodge Vipers and SRT-10 Rams $22.95(0 bids) $25.95 $8.95 May-06-08 11:25:15 PDT How much modification for benefit of Horsepower? Would they be cooler then stock? My sills are blistering. :drive...
  15. DJ'sviper

    battery low[/IMG] Trying to put photos in. If I put the tender on it will start. If I leave it off after two days it won't start the car. It has been not used all winter. Do you think driving will get the batter back...
  16. DJ'sviper

    drag race

    thought you all might like to see this <a href="">drag races 93 viper vs 05 viper ram srt10</a><br><embed src="" flashvars="m=20672035&v=2&type=video"...
  17. DJ'sviper

    Thanks Chuck Tator

    Thanks Chuck for all the help. I received the remote entry receiver, put it on, went through the reprogramming the fob and was driving it that night. The same product would have cost me $37.00 more at the local dealer. Three different ricers tried to bait me into a drag, but I just won't do...
  18. DJ'sviper

    Can't get car alarm off

    I locked my 93 viper and when I went out and pushed the button to relaease the lock the alarm went off as I opened the door. Put new batteries in the fob and I still can't get the alarm to shut down. On the dash guage it flashes "ALARM ACTIVATED' or something like that. Do I have to take off the...
  19. DJ'sviper


    :D Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'll try and figure out how to put a photo of my viper on the web. '93 stock, lots of fun. I have had it since December 2005. (Finally got in the site.) Drove it home from Michigan through a blizzard in Chicago to Des Moines. I think God hears a lot of prayers from...