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    To sell or not too sell ?

    Two 97 B&W GTS's got into the 115K range at Mecum Indy this past weekend. The one that sold was a 1 owner with around 5k miles.
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    Region Forum for Chicago Area?

    If you haven't already, try Flossmoor Family Auto, they work on a lot of Vipers and are great to do business with. Owner is former Illinois VCA president and has raced a lot.
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    Viper Mechanic In Chicago Area Needed

    Check out Flossmoor Family Auto. It's been a few years since I had a Viper but I was always very pleased with their service. Spend a few minutes looking around their website and it's clear they especially know their way around Vipers, muscle cars, etc. Another option would be Roanoke Motor...
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    Winter storage

    I have always heard that you should change the oil before storage opposed to after. I lay down a large plastic painting tarp on the floor to prevent moisture coming up from the concrete. I then put plywood cutouts with carpet on top under each wheel and throw a couple extra pounds of air in...
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    Why did they destroy this Gen II?

    This makes me hate America and Americans...even though I'm born and raised. I don't care what car it is, who takes anywhere from 20 to 40 thousand dollars and poops on it? This is why we're billions of dollars in debt, not cool
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    What Insurance and Cost?

    I'm with vickers, State Farm around $650/year for 2000 RT/10, $1K deductible, 100/300 coverage, 7.5K miles/year, 25 years old, clean record, other car on the policy is an 05 Focus, Chicago area.
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    From Oil Change to Nightmare....Viper Crashed by a Dealership

    I was looking at 99 RT/10 in Chicago, dealer claimed it had a clean history. I was able to trace down the previous owner, he sold it to a dealership in New York that wrecked it the next day. Car got sent to Boston, showed up online for $17K with intentions of parting it out. Chicago dealer...
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    NEED - reputable Viper tech in Central Ohio

    I had a great experience with Mike at Adventure CJD in Willioughby. He was flexible in scheduling, gave me a thorough and accurate inspection on an Ebay Viper, and was VERY reasonably priced. Thanks again Mike!
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    Rating NE Ohio Viper Dealers

    I had Mike at Adventure CJD in Willoughby do an inspection for me on a Gen II that I was looking at from Ebay. Mike was super flexible in the scheduling, got me a great price, and was easy to talk to. I drove the car 5 hours home that day, took it to Roanoke motors a month later, and their...
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    Akron/Cleveland Viper Tech?

    Obviously an outdated post, but I wanted to try and give credit where it's due. I went to Mike at Adventure CJD in Willoughby (just northeast of Cleveland) to have an inspection done for an Ebay buy I was looking at. Mike was very flexible with the scheduling, gave me a super price, and was...
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    Help with my stock CD player

    Let me know what you end up doing for your radio. I'm looking at replacing mine this winter but from what I've researched, their isn't a "housing" offered for the gen II Vipers. I found a wiring harness through parts rack I believe, but I'm not interested in modding my dash if I can avoid it.
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    Looking for RT/10 Rear Window Weatherstripipng

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ended up taking mine to a glass shop, they installed the 3/4" stripping for me, wasn't CR Laurence brand weatherstrip, but it was the same size with the feature line and butyl. The shop used some primer and...
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    Fueling an RT10......Problems?

    My 2000 RT/10 never seems to cooperate at the pump, regardless of how much is in the tank, always clicks off after 2-3 seconds of filling. Neither rotating the handle or using the lowest fill setting have helped for me. This weekend though, I was able to pump in 9 gallons without one click...
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    Looking for RT/10 Rear Window Weatherstripipng

    Anyone have any of the CRL 5/8" Feature Line Channel Molding With Butyl they'd be willing to part with? The weatherstripping on the rear glass of my Gen II RT/10 is so bad I'm afraid to wash the car. If I don't hear any responses by Monday AM (7/1/13), I'm likely going to buy some myself and...