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    Dodge Viper Most Costly To Repair..

    Everything is getting expensive to repair. A friend just lost the fuel pump on his Chevy Avalanche. Dealer said $950 to replace!
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    Repost? Another 08 (SSG) bites the dust before leaving dealer.

    Most people mistakenly think a car (any car) will go straight ahead when spinning the tires. Not in a Viper.
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    Viper went to Denmark

    My last trip to Germany I calculated the cost per gallon to be $9.09!!! That was for regular bleibfrei. I rented a Fiat Punto 1.2 liter, and at autobahn speeds I got about 25 mpg. It cost just under $100 to fill it up, I would guess a 11 gallon tank. I understand the HUGE value of buying...
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    The RING

    My rentals all say the same thing "Driving on the Nurburgring ist VERBOTTEN"
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    The RING

    Close view:
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    The RING

    Friday afternoon in Germany....What to do?
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    ANOTHER disappointing test. This time it's Automobile magazine. 08 Viper SRT-10 against a C6 Z06 Lingenfelter Vette. You gotta read this crap. They are trying to 'presume' what the Viper will be up against when chevy starts selling the blue-devil, SS, or whatever it will be called. Viper...
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    ALMS @ Road Atlanta

    It might be a dumb question, but could F1 run at Road Atlanta? Since Indy is out next year, I wonder which remaining USA tracks could hold a Formula 1 event?
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    The F-car has traction control. With switches to change the settings. I should have never compared the F 599 to the Viper, I was only trying to find a similar HP/weight comparison and it was the closest to the 08 Viper. I only want to see results that reflect the real world. I am not...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    Exactly. For anyone that says the 95 degree temp blah blah blah For a good run in a Viper, launch traction is critical and you have a lot more traction when the air temp is 95 and the track temp is 125, than on a cool day. The car should run .2 sec faster in the 1/4 for each improvement...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    Do you purchase all of your cars based on magazine test results? Of course not, I think my point was missed. Two cars with nearly identical power and weight. I expected to see consistent published results (by now) of the 08 Viper running low 11's. I mean it's got better tires, better gearbox...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    I am disappointed. I sold my 03 SRT-10 and was going to wait patiently in the wings and suprise my friends and family with an 08, but now I'm flippy the flip floppin like John Kerry. I still have not seen any numbers that impress me. Please help me by explaining the VAST difference (other...
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    dealer not covering failed e-brake

    BUT, if it's only one side, this was 100% a factory defect. Could be considered a SAFETY defect, which might get a lawyers attention. Premature failure of the brakes due to improper adjustment from the factory... Leaving the E-brake on while driving would cause both sides to fry, if adjusted...
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    Great article, great electronic magazine!! 08 Vert

    Why haven't I heard of this before. Awesome format. LOVE the pics and vids.
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    Wolfgang Bernhard - New Chairman

    The Viper dies after this run.... The GE guy only knows money. This is why Wolfgang left, he knows what the results are gonna be: economy cars built in China 'branded' as Chryslers and Dodges.
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    Why not have control

    Originally, I thought being the center of attention and the ability to blow everything else away was why I bought a Viper. I grew up to understand that I enjoy the car because I like the way it looks. Now I hate being the center of attention, and I can't drive anywhere near the limits of this...
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    Why not have control

    A lot of people buy a Viper(s) for the image. Aura, Halo effect. Whatever you wanna call it. The substance (power, handling, PRICE) makes you feel just a little bit better than the vette, and the vette driver. I hope this isn't too brutally honest. The Ferrari guys see the price difference as...
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    Why not have control

    I can't argue that point. It is a pure sports car. It should remain a pure sports car. The problem is that some people believe pure means one thing (big engine, big tires and big brakes, period) and the others believe it means the electronics don't take away from the experience. The SRT-10...
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    Why not have control

    Effectiveness Numerous international studies have confirmed the effectiveness of ESC in helping the driver maintain control of the car, help save lives and reduce the severity of crashes. In the fall of 2004 in the U.S., the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration confirmed the...
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    Why not have control

    Oh but it does. Statistics in Germany showed a 60% drop in single car accidents when equiped with stability control. In English, a lot of these people with 'bad judgement' wrecked when driving without the nanny and most didn't when the car had it. I see two clear camps here: 1) I know how to...
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    Why not have control

    TC/stability control has really evolved over the past couple years. I get a new car every 6-8 months and I am amazed at the difference between the early versions and todays. In the past, it would 'kick in' and feel all mechanical. Today, I have to INTENTIONALLY do something REALLY stupid to tell...
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    Another stupid dealership story

    This is a guess, but the only logical reason I can come up with is this: The car is an eye catcher and draws people into the showroom. Even if they have no intention (or financial ability) to buy the Viper, at least the sales team gets a shot at selling them something else. Basically, they use...
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    Scary News Today about Chrysler - read carefully

    From Automotive news: Indian or Chinese carmakers eager to expand into the world's biggest car market might find Chrysler an attractive opportunity, and a handful of European carmakers could use some of its spare capacity. Um, the next Viper designed by Apu, or Ying Chang? I have yet to see...
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    ***just Converted My Convert To A Coupe***

    The problem would be that it wouldn't match up with the quarter panels.