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    Anyone around Chicago have a busted block they can give me?

    Looking for a Gen III block for mock-up puposes. Anyone??
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    New 2013' Gen 5 Viper Transmissions For Sale TR6060 Close Ratio 6 Speed

    Well, we have bought these exact parts numbers and so far the very first step is an impasse. The 2004 flywheel bolts are too long to attach the 2010 flywheel to the crank. I have emailed and called VPA, talked to Chris twice, but no one has "gotten back to me". Anyone who's done this, please...
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    I can't believe there are still no decent spy shots of the Gen V. But yes, I will strongly consider it when the time comes. For a year or so will be without a sports car. Oh well. The girls will just have to suffer.
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    You are gonna love that car, Buddy! I miss her already! There are a lot of pics in my gallery you may want...if you can get past the curvy chicks with small bikini's.
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Austeo, you have NO idea how many PM's I got asking if you backed out. You were smart to wire the money up front :D To you other guys, you snooze you lose, you could have bid it up on ebay!
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Yeah, sold to a member here. Awaiting the final transaction but all looks well. I'll let him post up when it's in his hands. As far as price, a quick sale is not worth stressing over a few thou, with winter, ongoing payments, and no driving ahead. If you are divorced, like me, you know money...
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Yeah, that's kinda uncool I guess, but highest bidder wins! Who can blame me? :D
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Thanks, guys! I saw the reserve just now too. I had set the buy-it-now price at 80, but for some reason it never appeared in the ad. Maybe I should clarify the girl on the wing doesn't come with the car :D
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    My 2009 ACR Hardcore is listed for sale!

    Graphite, black center band, red stripe. All the usual upgrades. 4300 miles. Viper Club ad here: eBay ad here...
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    ACRX for sale

    I have to say those are about the most detailed real-world pics I have seen of this car. That's a good deal for someone.
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    Dodge Dealer dmage to my Viper

    Lack of corporate responsibility, even to the point of the business collapsing, is second only to the lack of personal responsibility in modern America. So I hope for the best but am not holding my breath on a spontaneous resolution. A judge, on the other hand, may get things done.
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    Dodge Dealer dmage to my Viper

    That damage has Hooters or lap dances and shots written all over it. Good luck!
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    Someone wrote "fag"on my car

    It's homophobia. Whenever you use a word, it means you hate that and are afraid of that.
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    Automotive News "TV" - Gen 5 News

    You could get it for FREE and still complain if you were Bonkers.
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    Viper crash outside of London

    80 MPH is "great speed" on a highway. Seriously? :confused: Condolences all around. If it did have dealer plates, likely someone not very familiar with that torque, the effect of cold tires, and probably lightly wet roads.
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    Gen-IV Motor Mounts

    I have never heard that, and I think a "knock" sensor, aside from the sound of the name, has nothing to do with vibration. I have the Woodhouse poly engine and trans mounts, and full Belanger exhaust, but am running the Mopar PCM. The vibration is nice. Could be louder :D
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    Top Gear USA

    The thing about the European personalities is that they each have a following, and that fosters the playful rivalry the guys have on the show. I can't imagine anyone really "rooting" for any of these 3 in any car shoot-outs.
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    Top Gear USA

    Yeah, The Stig didn't look as smooth in the ACR as he could have. Still, nice to see the L cars go down to American muscle!
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    Top Gear USA

    I hate those staged events. They act like the chopper "finds" them, but you never wonder why they are sitting on a bridge doing nothing with ground cameras set up already. And neither of those guys had a cell phone with GPS?
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    That's pretty ironic, since it was a European show first. :dunno:
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    redlined bad now not running right

    I think Twister and 1BADGTS are out having a drink.
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    Definitely Viper Related.

    Wait till they throw on a driver's stripe, right through the steering wheel.
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    1BADGTS, I Went 10.931 @ 129.33 mph in my stock 2008 Viper on street tires

    If helmet cams, halloween posts, ledder interiors, and spark plug solutions for blown motors don't get you banned, nothing will.