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    Average age of Viper owners?

    27 now, 26 when I got the car.
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    Speaking of High GTS Prices...

    My Gen II ACR is for sale for $49K in NJ. It's got 30K miles though, so it's not nearly that low.
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    Selling my 2001 GTS ACR with full Belanger and aluminum PS pulley/bracket

    Bump for weekend price drop. Remember too, the car comes with the stock BBS wheels.
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    Selling my 2001 GTS ACR with full Belanger and aluminum PS pulley/bracket

    Here is the ad. Car is absolutely wonderful, it's been a joy to own, and dead reliable. Fresh detail/wax and fresh Royal Purple fluids for the next owner. Would be open to trades for an 06 Coupe or an 08+ACR with some cash on my end. If not, I'm probably going to make my retirement adviser...
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    The Z06's strength has always been its weight and technology though, now moreso than ever. You're 100% right, Viper doesn't need 900HP or whatever people are saying, but without the aluminum frame and electronic differential and everything else the Vette has, it's at a bit of a disadvantage at...
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    How to reinstall the front fascia

    Will do. The damn trim fasteners to put it back together were on backorder otherwise this thing would be a done deal by now.
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    Easter Sunday what a day for a Viper ride!

    Took mine out for a long drive. My exhaust set off the car alarm in a Maserati QP as I was turning to enter the gas station.
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    The Turbo S and the Viper are very different cars. The Turbo S is basically a sports-GT car hybrid. It's heavy, it's very luxurious, it's very practical, and in straight lines, it's an absolute spaceship. I don't think there's another DOT legal factory stock car that can touch it for under...
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    How to reinstall the front fascia

    I'm making a full-HD professional quality video on how to do this in the next month or so, as soon as I get the free time. Being a dual Corvette/Viper family, I cannot believe the paucity of clear, information and illustrations surrounding common issues with the Viper like this. On...
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    What temperature is good?

    I have a 2001 ACR, that's what mine runs too, like 185-195.
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    Spring time!

    Sorry to double-post, but SPRING!
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    Spring time!

    Sounds great!
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    Spring time!

    I already shared this video elsewhere, so if you've seen it sorry, but I made this video a few weeks ago of my new-to-me ACR for spring and wanted to share. Mods: Full Belanger Exhaust/headers/cats, possibly a tune, have to get it dynoed and figure out what's what in there...
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    Hot Tip...Buy the Gen V Collectible while you can still afford to

    Actually guys, I think the tide is turning. I do exotic car sales, so I've got scripts trowling all the major used car agaragators on the internet constantly. Something interesting is happening; the cars, especially the TA are starting to move. At 140,000, a re-branded Dodge is a tough sell. At...
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    According to Ralph Gilles

    Cool, I like what I'm hearing.
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    1992 Viper For Sale

    Lol guys, ok, mea culpa. Looking at auction prices now, it's definitely worth more like $50k. I was trying to post the most insane pie-in-the-sky amount I could for an untitled ultra-low miles car to show that even then, it's not going to bring about enough life change to warrant rushing to...
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    pics of my ta on arrival day

    Wow. I don't care that the black and white ones are more rare, that orange color is amazing. The ZR1 looked epic too. I love that rear diffuser.
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    1992 Viper For Sale

    I'm sort of with the people saying "hold on to it." The car's going to be valuable, but not in a life changing way. That might come in ten more years. Right now, you might get $150K for it. That'll change your life for a few years, maybe pay off a kid's college, but not much beyond that. How...
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    Stolen and stripped RT/10 - Anyone of us?

    Crap, dumped like 20 minutes from my house.
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    SRT Prices

    I can't believe I just bought my Gen II last year, and now I'm looking at a Gen V. These deals, man... wow.
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    Best Engine Oil for the GTS

    I hear good things about RP but I've used Mobil 1 in my sports cars so far. Never had a problem.
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    The TA is loved because the Viper's soul was just to crush everyone, to be the absolute fastest, no matter what, the TA does that, and people love it.
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    Sad, sad news. I really think some new wisdom has come to light here, that I want to affirm: 1. Forum experience. When I was shopping for my car, the VCA was imploding, the VOA didn't exist, and the alley looked like it was populated by a bunch of middle school students. I saw a thread where a...
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    Flip-up style stereo unit

    I'm not a fan because it blocks vents. It seems like in the summer, AC condensation could become an issue.
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    02 GTS door opening weatherstrip

    Yeah, better be ready to suffer if you buy weatherstripping from the dealer. Who'd have thought a foot of rubber could cost so much???