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    Viper Tech recommendations

    Any Viper Tech recommendations in or near Montgomery County? Would rather go to a Dodge dealer because I believe I still have a little time left on he warranty.
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    Trans help...please

    I was at the track on Monday and was having some issues with missing 3rd gear. Having never had that issue before I thought it was odd and chalked it up to a cold day. On the way home I noticed I could upshift thru all the gears but could not downshift from 6th to 5th. I ended up going from 6th...
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    Transport recommendation

    I potentially need to transport a Viper from the Midwest to the East Coast. Any Auto transport recommendations? How much should I expect to pay?
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    Value advice

    A friend has received a Viper as part of an estate donation to a charity she is affiliated with. The car is a 2006 Viper, red w/ silver stripes. It is supposedly in mint condition with 5,200 miles. They thought Blue Book is $64,000 which I thought seemed very inflated. Any thoughts?
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    Corvette, Viper & Muscle Car Drags 9/20

    Who is up for some track action?
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    Viper & Corvette drags

    The Corvette Club of America is holding its all Corvette drags on September 20th and the Viper Club is invited. I have attended for the past several years and I am usually the only Viper in attendance. Let's show up in force this year...
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    '08 & '09 pricing

    What pricing have you all been seeing on new & used 2008s and new 2009s? I have been thiunking about upgrading and have just started to look. I have been offered a Red 09 for $79,000. It has Navigation and 6-Spoke Wheels.
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    part number help

    Does anyone know the Chrysler part number for the 5 torx bolts that secure the battery access panel cover to the trunk floor?
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    Water Pump Issues

    My 2003 has been slowly weeping water from the weep hole on the water pump. Last night it started to overheat. I ended up adding 1.5 gallons of antifreeze after it had cooled down 10 minutes later. Has anyone else lost their water pump?
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    Corvette vs Viper drag racing

    The Corvette Club of America is having their annual drags on Sunday Sept 16th at Capital Raceway in Crofton, Md. The Viper Club is invited to attend again. Its a fun day and with only 100 cars in attendance you can make alot of runs. Hope to see you all there. :drive...
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    Heat Insulation for exhaust

    I'm installing a Corsa side exhaust and was looking for ideas on heat proofing the car. Has anyone tried a heat blanket or insulation on the exhaust?
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    I've got 12,000 miles on my 2003. What service is commonly due now? What about plugs and wires?
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    Louthan Cylinder Heads

    Has anyone used Louthan Competition to port and polish Viper cylinder heads?
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    Tire inflation question

    I'm heading to the drag strip this weekend. What tire pressures do you all recommend for the best traction when running stock run flats?
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    Time to torture Corvettes!

    The Corvette Club of America is hosting a drag racing event on Sunday July 29th at Capital Raceway in Crofton, Md. All muscle cars are invited. I'm bring my Viper- anyone else able to show up for some racing fun...
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    Drag Racing

    Anyone interested? The Corvette Club of America is hosting a drag racing event on Sunday July 29th. All muscle cars are invited. I'm bring my Viper- anyone else able to show up for some racing fun?
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    Drag Racing

    Anyone interested. The Corvette Club of America is hosting a drag racing event on Sunday July 29th. All muscle cars are invited. I'm bring my Viper- anyone else able to show up for some racing fun?
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    Supplier recommendation

    Has anybody ever bought any Viper parts from X2 Builders? Thanks
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    Need help changing thermostat

    Trying to install a cooler thermostat and am having a tough time with the themostat housing. I've removed the radiator hose and have all 4 bolts out but cannot move the housing more than 1/4" away from the motor. I do not have enough room to remove the old thermostat. Any suggestions?? Jim
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    Rear Gear Question

    I want to change the gears in my Viper to something a little more fun. I was looking at 3.55 or 3.42's. One of the dealers stated that they have had problems with spider gear failure after gear changes and tried to sell me a Quaife unit. Anyone else had spider gear issues with the stock unit? Jim
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    Viper software

    A friend is looking to be able to reflash the computers in Vipers. Does anyone know where to purchase this software?
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    I need advice

    I'm looking into changing the rear gears to a better ratio for the street. For those of you who have gone thru this, what ratio did you choose and was it worth it? Also, how much should I expect to pay? Jim
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    Rear Gears

    I was thinking about changing my SRT10 rear to 3.42. Anyone have any experience with this? How did it change the car- for good or bad? What are the top speeds in 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Thanks, Jim
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    Roller Rockers??

    Has anyone tried replacing the stock rocker arms with roller rockers on a Gen3? Is it worth the time vs. horsepower gain?
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    Question about Steering pulling

    Although I've had many performance cars, I'm new to Vipers. I just purchased a 2003 with 10,000 miles and have been concerned with how much erratic pull I have to fight from the front wheels hitting irregularities in the road surface. The worst are the ruts left at intersections near the white...