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  1. MichaelJB

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Congrats on the purchase and welcome! Beautiful Snake!
  2. MichaelJB

    The Viper Search

    Nation wide search is the norm..of course, preferable if you are fortunate to locate one nearby..but, limiting yourself to what the local market has to offer probably won’t get you the year, options, color etc. that you desire... live in Indiana and purchased my Gen4 from Texas sight...
  3. MichaelJB

    R.I.P. Dan Everts Former VCA National President

    Very sad to hear the news. Condolences to his family and may he Rest In Peace.
  4. MichaelJB

    Back in a GTS

  5. MichaelJB

    help! keys locked in trunk!

    Ok, sorry..could someone let me know? Thanks in advance!
  6. MichaelJB

    New Gen III Owner!

    Beautiful car!
  7. MichaelJB

    looking for a Gen IV convertible boot.

    Yea..that’s what my research tells me too...but black works to! Glad it was located and being sent - get it today. Appreciate the responses!
  8. MichaelJB

    looking for a Gen IV convertible boot.

    Well...think so...Black/tan interior with tan top. Will send pic when it gets here tomorrow..but now wondering? Hmmm? A black cover? .
  9. MichaelJB

    looking for a Gen IV convertible boot.

    Good news on my end..reached out and boot located by previous owner as was stored outside car and missed when shipped...factory provided car cover being sent along too! Pays to be persistant I guess
  10. MichaelJB

    looking for a Gen IV convertible boot.

    Just purchased my first...2010 convertible boot with vehicle. Any leads/ recommendations on tracking one down? Looked around a bit and not successful. Tan color. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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