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    Detaching glass

    Got it off.
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    Window Track near side view mirror

    I am working on my driver side window. I just got it all apart and found that the window r=track near the side mirror has some issues with the plastic channel. Is this a part I can just replace or am I going to have to gut this part and try to find something to replace the plastic channel with...
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    Detaching glass

    I am trying to get driver side window out as well. I am not sure what tabs I need to push to get the pin out of the guide. What am I doing wrong?
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    Driver side window issue

    I have the same problem. I hope that someone will be able to shed some light on this. If not I am going to call Tator.
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    Tranny ..I was wishing for F1 Paddel Style Shifter

    I had paddle shifting in my Gallardo and it was cool but after 11K miles I had to have the clutch changed. This was in 2008 and I know a lot has changed but after that I wont get another flappy paddle until that is no longer the case. Has this been fixed in the newer cars? I know that most of...
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    Caption contest again!

    ^ makes me so proud to own a Viper.
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    Caption contest again!

    ^ come on Chad. You told me it was 3 Girls and only you. ;)
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    Running an eiskhana??

    You could always bring a set of tire chains just in case you need some extra traction. Can't wait to see the video and pics. :)
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    GEN V Viper picture at VOI 11....

    ^ I guess that is better than 2012. LOL
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    GEN V Viper picture at VOI 11....

    So when will dodge let us see it?
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    Someone wrote "fag"on my car

    This thread is great. I like how it gets off topic then comes almost back, but not really back. Made my work day a little better.
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    The right way to film a burnout.

    Great Vid. What model is the camera?
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    Viper Wizard Please Help :)

    My temp gauge was showing some really low temps which were not normal. Turns out that the temp sensor went bad.
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    Viper Wizard Please Help :)

    Thank you Chuck. I figured that I was looking at the wrong thing and I was. Lol.
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    Temp Gauge Pic

    Thanks guys. It was in traffic and the lights seemed to last forever. Once going it came back down.
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    Temp Gauge Pic

    Well I fixed my temp sensor and things are looking back to normal. I took her out for a little spin and took a pic of the temp gauge just to see what normal temps people are running. Here is the hot side. Is this normal?
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    Viper Wizard Please Help :)

    Just finished putting the new sensor in. Thank you all so much. That little thing was a PITA to get to with all the tubes but only took a couple mins to replace.
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    Viper Wizard Please Help :)

    Thanks guys. So I am looking at the wrong sensor. Does anyone have a pic of where the coolant temp sensor is located. I could have sworn that I looked at the top of the head but then again I might have been looking at the passenger side. This has to be the best site ever. Thanks again. I knew I...
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    Viper Wizard Please Help :)

    If it was not already 7 I would have called but I needed to show pics. I am sure that I am just doing something wrong. LOL I was going to replace the temp sensor. Pic below. However it looks different from the one I have. Am I looking at the wrong sensor? As always you are the best. Thanks...
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    thinking this lambo got taken down a notch

    Thats why I bought one of each. ;) Still love the viper more but the Lambo pulls the crowd.
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    Illustrated Upgrades Section Dave6666

    I am going to have to replace the thermostat in my 97 very soon. I went into the Illustrated Upgrades Section and found a great how-to by Dave6666. The only thing is all the pictures are gone. I was hoping that maybe Dave would have them or someone else? Thank you.
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    Temp gauge is showing much cooler temp?

    I was thinking that the thermostat just may be stuck open. But replacing the thermostat is a pain right?
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    Temp gauge is showing much cooler temp?

    Not sure what happened but I took the viper out today and the temp gauge was showing very cool temps. My car has always shown temps in the middle of the gauge over to the hotter side. Today it never even got to the middle. It was even before the center 3 bars. What could this mean. Did I create...
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    Man Cave starts (pics)

    Awesome just awesome. More pics of everything. I am living through you. :)
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    Couple pics of the Viper and other toys.

    LOL, Yeah I hope to get some pics with her as well. ;)

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