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  1. GregVP

    Gen 1 Soft Top and Window Trunk Storage

    Just a heads up. If you store the soft top in the trunk for any length of time, just driving around and from the vibration will ware holes in it. I always carried mine in the trunk, brand new, used twice, now has two spots wore through. My top also came in a bag.
  2. GregVP

    Gen2 RT/10 wiring behind dashboard debug difficult?

    No not the OBDII . It’s a green connector just above the OBDII fastened to the dash just above the bottom lip, not easy to access. Sounds like you’re door harness though. Good luck.
  3. GregVP

    Gen2 RT/10 wiring behind dashboard debug difficult?

    If you have power and good grounds to the switch and the switch is good there is one more test you can do before working on the wires between the door and door jam if you choose. There is a large green connector under the dash where your left knee is. Disconnect the connector and check for power...
  4. GregVP

    Gen2 RT/10 wiring behind dashboard debug difficult?

    Power runs through a 25A Circuit Breaker to both window switches. Check for power at the switch and check both grounds at switch plug. One ground for up and one for down. Try wiggling the wire harness where it enters the door and see if you get a reaction.
  5. GregVP

    Gen2 RT/10 wiring behind dashboard debug difficult?

    Did you check for power at the switch. The wires in the wire harness entering the door are known to become broken. Good luck.
  6. GregVP

    AC needs recharging every year?

    You most definitely have a leak . I would put some die in the system to verify where . I am currently replacing the seal on my compressor, the die I added worked well and confirmed the leaking seal. Good luck.
  7. GregVP

    crankshaft info

    Thank you for the offer. I found a crankshaft, car is back together and running great.
  8. GregVP

    I need help with 2 issues

    I also own a 2001 RT/10 . I had an issue with my alarm , would not arm , can’t remember how many times the horn beeped . I traced the problem to a broken wire on the key disconnect in the glove box. The wires were very tight and it pulled loose from the back of the key switch . Possibility. Good...
  9. GregVP

    Loud Clunking Noise in Driveline - help

    Possibility. If you take your foot of the gas then accelerate and it clunks tighten the bolts that hold the differential and transmission to the frame.
  10. GregVP

    Looking to purchase a 1999 GTS in black

    There is one on eBay
  11. GregVP

    Timing gear

    Thank you for the reply . Appeared there was only one way . looking for a second opinion . On with the reassembly.
  12. GregVP

    Timing gear

    2001 . Putting timing gear back on . Stock . Is it necessary to use a timing Wheel or just line up the dots . Appears to be no adjustment or room for error . Am I good to go ?
  13. GregVP

    Main bearings

    Thanks for the reply. Might drill holes . Not sure. Would think the manufacturer would know what they’re doing.
  14. GregVP

    Main bearings

    Replacing the main bearings with clevite H series . These bearings have a full slot on the upper half . The slot is narrower than the oil hole restricting oil flow . Anyone dealt with these or have some input. Doesn't seem right ,am I wrong. A few pictures .
  15. GregVP

    crankshaft info

    Just trying to get my information right . will gen 1 crankshaft 1992-1996 fit gen 2 1997-2002 . My understanding is no . Also is gen 1 part number 05245103 and gen 2 number 4848733AC . I found an add with 4848733 1992-1996 is this add incorrect . I am looking for a shaft to fit a 2001 .

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