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    Looking at buying a Viper

    I bought a 1996 GTS, with 11K miles, and have discovered a few things needing maintenance or replacement now that I have it home, but the gen 2s seem pretty solid. Motor mounts are gone and need replaced, heard it's a common issue. Generally I would stay away from too many mods.
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    96 gts #7. rare? whats it worth?

    Thanks for all that info! If those are true, and my car is VIN 007, is there a possibility my car was the first GTS ever produced? And where might you have found all that information so I could scour around and investigate? Thanks! Merry Christmas
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    96 gts #7. rare? whats it worth?

    To anyone interested... I purchased this #7 car from the dealership! Couldnt be happier with the car so far! After trailering it home, i went through all the documentation, including original bill of sale, shipping order, manuals, and service records. On the Bill of sale, had the original owners...

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