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    So long folks

    For what?
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    2004 Viper turn signal problem

    It’s the stalk, one piece holds both sides. Most people just replace it, easy and about $175. Replaced mine but it’s acting up again now a few years on. There is a product called DeOxit D100, might be worth removing it and hitting it with that product to see if it clears the problem.
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    Revive Leather Shift **** (Mamba)

    It still looks as shown, except for a small hole that has worn at the very top edge, but that has nothing to do with the refurbishment or the finishes used. These leather paints seem to be very durable. I’ve driven it about 7500 miles since I did the refresh.
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    Oil pressure rise time at start

    Whenever you try something new you become more alert to the mundane. Had the same observation when I switched to 0-40. I recently switched back to 10-30 and there is still a lag of that red light going off; it was probably there with both oils but I freaked out because it seemed to be taking...
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    Tire for Gen 2

    I just went through this with my Gen III 18” and 19”. The Pilot Sports in my sizes are not discontinued, they just don’t have a production date. Call Michelin and ask about your sizes. For me the answer was to switch to the Pilot Sport 4S, it’s a greatly improved version, yet still it has a...
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    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    I just put the 4S on the front, it has a similar profile appearance to the PSS’s on the rear. These are super nice, you will like them. Reading more about them it’s a very different beast as far as technology goes, everything is updated. The material feels soft smooth and light. The PSS has...
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    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    Not disagreeing with you on the "all season" thing at all. Its just that I've been through multiple sets of Pilot Sports, starting with the Zero Pressure and then transitioning to the regular and I've enjoyed them all. They consistently get 15K miles without issue and they meet my needs. As I...
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    Gen III Passenger Door Handle Spring

    So my door handle spring gave out, one side anyways; it's not flopping around it just won't pop back up. This happened years ago on the drivers side and I bought a new assembly, but I'm wondering if I can just replace the spring without much drama??? Anyone have input to guide me? Thanks for...
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    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    Well I called Michelin. The ONLY tire they recommend for a Gen III is the Pilot Super Sport. The rears are “available“ once they decide to make them again, which hasn’t been since the start of Covid. No production date is set, it just hasn’t been discontinued, yet. That said the S4 is...
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    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    Yes, those are the two choices. Both are Pilot Sports and Y Speed Rated. Any real downside to the AS4? It costs a bit less and the treadwear is higher, seems a better choice. I just drive the car, no performance or track use. Highway and city driving only.
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    Michelin All Season 4 Versus 4S

    So I’m tire shopping and Michelin has new names for it’s Pilot Sport tires. This is the first that I’ve learned about a Michelin All Season 4 and a 4S. The All Season is a better value and is a 45K mile tire versus 30K for the 4S, although both will probably go half of that. They are both Y...
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    Front Licence Plate Holder?

    Texas Viper Owner here, don’t sweat the front license plate, keep it in your trunk “just in case”. When I moved here 25 years ago I asked a police officer about the front plate law, he told me that a cop would only stop you for it if he genuinely wanted to harass you. It was a law without a...
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    What is best car cover?

    Not sure Dodge made one for your model, but I have an OEM cover for my Gen III. It’s waterproof (except where they sewed the Viper logo on, micro stitch holes). Fits snug. I like it!
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    How do you unlock the door w/o a fob?

    Steve you have such a wealth of knowledge about these machines, just share it online instead of having people call you. Sometimes people are in need of the answer(s) and finding “call me” is just a bummer! Besides, I read most of these posts just to learn more about the cars, a “call me” tells...
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    Going to look for our first Viper (Gen 3) this weekend. Need some advice.

    No, leave the other things alone, they are very robust.
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    Going to look for our first Viper (Gen 3) this weekend. Need some advice.

    Well I replaced my wires because I had a backfire that eventually threw a CEL that alerted me that I had a spark related issue. But old wires on any performance car are always suspect, definitely replace them if you can. With my old set in hand the mechanic gently pulled on one and it pulled /...
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    Going to look for our first Viper (Gen 3) this weekend. Need some advice.

    RSI Racing manufacturers and sells a very nice set of wires that I’m running on my car. I don’t think you will find anything better than theirs. The bad thing is that you’ll need to pull the manifold to replace your wires. The plugs are a pain too, you’ll need swivel adapters for the rear...
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    Catless Check Engine Light

    If the sensor is bad it should throw the code at cold start up; once the car is warmed up if it throws the code I would look at other items. You can clear the code with a scan tool and then see if it comes back. In my case I had that code but the sensor was fine, the problem was wires...
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    2004 Smog Test. OBD Report continues stating that "Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor Heater, & Oxygen Sensor has not completed this test".

    Usually the dealer will charge for their time diagnosing, probably an hour @ $180.00. If you have the diagnostic tool, or if you have access to one at a store like Auto Zone, drive the car for 25 minutes (including the 6th gear trick on the freeway). Don’t shut the car off! Plug in the...
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    Front Licence Plate Holder?

    I’m a Gen III owner so I can’t answer your question directly. But there are clip on front plate holders made just for this (they are not Viper specific), if you Google. Another option is just to put it on the passenger side dashboard, ask a local cop if they will find that acceptable.
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    2004 Smog Test. OBD Report continues stating that "Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor Heater, & Oxygen Sensor has not completed this test".

    Your battery may be on its last leg. A weak battery will clear the memory upon each and every fresh start of the engine; you can drive the car for hours but if you shut it off when you arrive at the inspection station then when it’s restarted the memory will be cleared. Also, after checking...
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    Waking up a 2006 Coupe

    You appear to be on the right track on all counts. But the Mystery Oil is outdated, there is actually an oil “fog” in an aerosol can that you can buy for this purpose now. Personally I would rotate the engine by hand before trying to start it - it’s easy and worth the extra step. Good luck!
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    2,500 mile road trip

    My Mamba has been my daily driver since 2008, but I don’t do 10’s of thousands of miles per year. She has about 58K right now. Longest trip was Tampa to Dallas, I guess 1500+ miles. I did check my fuel mileage a few times, always 28 MPG, that was highway mileage at 70 MPH in 6th gear, not bad...
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    Tire for Gen 2

    I’m sure they are great tires, Porsche and Mercedes use Continentals. But one thing I saw would put me off of these, they only come with 7/16“ of tread, the standard is 9/16”. Tires are shot at 4/16”. A recommendation would be to see if you can get Michelin Pilot Sports (NOT Cup 2). They...
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    Coils and Plugs?

    You may want to wait until a problem appears, because to change out the wires you’ll need to pull the intake manifold. They will deteriorate over time. One wire of mine failed, but it wasn’t until 55K miles. You’ll know it by the backfire and CEL. But OTOH if you are comfortable pulling the...

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