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    Paxton questions

    Hi Steve, I just heard your message, but I was carrying my daughter around...what time is it at your area right now, so I won’t be calling you in the middle of the night tomorrow
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    Paxton questions

    Hi Guys, I’m back, owned a 1992 rt/10 and a 2005 convertible and I’m looking to buy a gen 3 coupe and put a blower on it (as soon as I’ve sold my nissan GT-R), couple of questions which I didn’t get answered through the search: -on the standard kit I understand it includes a piggy back and it...
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    What did you drive before a Viper?

    It is a funny little gives lots of fun, grips really good and is really fast, it goes round corners like nothing I have driven so far! It has some clear disadvantages compared to a car with roof and heater though ;) gonna try it out again on Spa Francorchamps this sunday, this is more...
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    What did you drive before a Viper?

    Hi Guys, I actually sold my Viper (again), it was my second one and yesterday I met up with the new owner, had a blast with it and now I miss it like hell...but I now own a car with much less running cost and equally lots of fun, but more track focussed. The idea is to save somemore money and...
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    Is there a leak????

    the smell of new diff fluid made me almost vomit as well, so if this fluid stinks like hell...that.s what you're aiming for. But i guess he has fluid underneath his hood, because when the fluid would be underneath the gearbox or diff...I guess he wouldn't be asking questions, it would be clear...
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    Corsa Track Exhaust Sound Clips or Opinions

    haven't got a proper sound clip, camera mic isn't ideal for sound clips, but I have recently installed the Corsa's (2.5") onto my stock cats and the sound is perfect for me. On startup it rumbles like a supercar is supposed to, if you push the LOLpedal it rumbles loud and mean, but on cruise...
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    2016 Viper ACR and the Nurburgring lap time...

    these restriction are only because they had this deadly accident, they have to do something, my guess is they are gonna iron out the most dangerous points of the track and than skip all these nonsens... they can't keep up with controlled speed restrictions on a track like that, it would go...
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    Pictures from Euro Viper event 3

    all of them are pretty rare over here and most of all, very expensive...hellcat on Dutch licenseplates will be around 200.000 euro's...we pay tax per CO2 gram/km...American cars aren't very good at that point :D new Viper on plates will be even more expensive, that's why they aren't sold...
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    New guy in TX

    congrats and enjoy both of the cars!
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    Pictures from Euro Viper event 3

    Over here in the netherlands, there are just a handfull of Vipers, hundreds of Corvette's though. i owned a 65 Mustang and took a peak at a Z06, but decided I had to buy another Viper instead...there isn't much of a thing between the American brands though, we see the American muscle as one...
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    Ran into the garage door :( side sill repair/replacement optoins?

    they are alloy, I redid my 1992 Gen 1 sidesills, they where all bumped and cracked, I always thought they where plasicish...they aren't
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    Ran into the garage door :( side sill repair/replacement optoins?

    this is an easy fix, it is aluminum, so any proper bodyshop can straighten it up and respray the black part only. Would cost you 150 buck around here tops.
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    Transmission whine?

    aftermarket exhaust is your solution :D
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    Pictures from Euro Viper event 3

    looks like great fun! Pitty I didn't know, is around the corner, I would have come by and say hello. love the 2 liter sticker...
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    where should the airco moisture seep out officially?

    here are 2 pics of where my airco water comes out of the chassis, is this how it should be? You can actually see the water coming out.
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    where should the airco moisture seep out officially?

    Hi Guys, I have a question, with my 2005 SRT-10 convertible the moisture of the airco seeps out of a little hole in the frame, obviously made for this purpose, but should it seep along the frame on the bottemplate or should there be a little piece of hose sending this water to the ground...
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    Rear lower control arm has a gash in it, does it need to be replaced?

    transmission fluid on the gen 3 viper is dead easy, get under there, lose the bottom plate, pull the drain plug and refill plug (the upper one where you refill), let it seep out, refill or if you want flush a little with 1/2 a liter or so, than refill until the correct level (use search button...
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    Rear lower control arm has a gash in it, does it need to be replaced?

    I'm not sure neither, but only about whats normal in the states, I do know that flushing your brakes and clutch doesn't take very long and the fluid isn't expensive ánd it only needs a quarter liter or such. Over here those prices would be called theft:D
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    Rear lower control arm has a gash in it, does it need to be replaced?

    OK, maybe I don't get it right..but what the hell are those prices for some fluidswaps?!Rear diff 289 dollars?! I don't have a clue what dealers normally charge for labor for things like brake- clutch- powersteering- or diff fluid, but over 200 dollars for new brake or clutch fluid sounds really...
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    New 2000 SRT/10 owner here! Need parts and info...

    was there an SRT-10 in 2000? Or is the GTS also called SRT-10 in the states?
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    How To: Shift Faster

    I haven't tried, but I assume the clutch (dis)engages at the same spot with the pedals up or down, you are only able to push the pedal further down when they are up, but I assume it will do his job after X inches of pressing. I do think it was more logical to make a stop behind the pedal which...
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    Add to the list...

    this is a very important warning that you should push the throttle more and harder, in order to get your tirepressure up a little by heating them like you're supposed to:D
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    Looking to buy my first Viper! Need opinions!

    Gen 3 is perfect for your needs, rides like a coupe with the top closed and true covertible with the top down! It has got "real" windows, good airconditioning, steers light, brakes awesome and uses very little fuel when you ease the throttle. (Ok that last one is a plain lie and only wishfull...
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    Battery reset pros and cons needed

    it might help to call the wizard for this one, seems like a specific problem and he knows specific solutions. (FYI the wizard=Chuck Tator and he is very helpfull and willing to help) did your fob remember it's settings after you used the key to get in? Is your battery strong and fresh or is it...
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    Battery reset pros and cons needed

    Nothing happens, you just need some heatcycles to get your O2 numbers in order (at worst) I have never noticed a thing when disconnecting for winter...

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