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    To sell or not to sell

    I'm with you 100%!
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    96 gts #7. rare? whats it worth?

    You'd be crazy to go lower than $52k, stay firm. Honestly you should really try to hold on to that car, the values are only going up!
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    Value of 02 RT/10 (graphite/cognac <5k)?

    I'd say around $35k private party sale
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    Selling My Used Michelin Pilot Sport 17" Tires-GEN I

    How old are are these tires? They should have the year manufactured stamped on them
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    Corsa Exhaust & Bellanger Headers

    Mine is a 96 GTS. I currently have the Borla cat back and it's not loud enough. I was thinking about doing high flow cats, does anyone know how loud it would be with that setup?
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    Corsa Exhaust & Bellanger Headers

    I've been looking for a used Corsa cat back system as well as Bellenger headers. I currently have the Borla system and want something a lot louder!
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    Is this a good price for a front bumper?

    I need a front bumper for my Gen 3 and want to know if this a good price? MODERATOR EDIT: No posting of outside ads. If you wish to know if the price was right simply inquire if $600 is too much.

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