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    2004 white mamba car cover

    @tednphx mind posting some pics?
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    New Viper owner in Dallas Texas!

    Thanks for the info about the DFW metro - I will also be a new owner in the area (Fort Worth) in a few weeks
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    2004 white mamba car cover

    Ha I think that's a very fair question - seems a lot of these original covers have grown legs and walked away over the last ~20 years. Interested to see if you get any hits (as I find myself in the same situation).
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    Treating Faded Seats

    Hello all, I have been scouring the market for a Gen 3 for the last 7-8 months and finally came upon one that I am finalizing the purchase of next weekend (04 Black Mamba). Everything seems to be in great shape, except the seat inserts (in the bottom/back, not the leather) have been faded...