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    My newest Viper !!Pics!!

    :omg: :omg: :omg: ... Been watch'in all 7 and they just keep getting better ;) Mods on this one :eater:
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    Houston to Austin Caravan?

    We've decided to cancel :mad:
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    Houston to Austin Caravan?

    Thanks Eric, We're a little concerned with the forecast, looks like rain in Austin Sat., then Sun. in Houston? I spoke with Wayne today and we plan to make a go/no go call around 10:00 a.m. I'll call in the morning :)
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    Dodged a bullit

    Ok, It didn't happen until .... :needpics:
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    Houston to Austin Caravan?

    Is there any interest in a Houston to Austin Caravan for the TX Round-up this weekend? If so, when and where would be a good meeting place? I was thinking that if we pulled out of Houston by high noon, we'd be into Austin before afternoon traffic? Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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    Texas Viper Roundup

    Is there any interest in a Houston caravan to Austin? If so, where and when would you like to gather up?
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    Texas Viper Roundup

    A & B are in ;)
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    Colors? Is there ever too much green?

    Look'in good Billy, can't wait to see it in person .... where do you plan to 'show' it? From the looks of it, are you in Galveston?
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    IS this TOO AGRESSIVE looking for a VIPER?

    Johnny, you might want to PM Andy Wheeler (Flatout) and ask him for some closer pictures? He's running the Vipair hood and coupe decklid in CF, with 'smoke tinted clear coat' on the decklid and scoop only. His car looks Great IMHO :headbang: Here's a couple shots, but I don't think you can see...
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    Gen III Ideling issues

    Might be a dumb question, but have you cleaned the throttle body lately? Sometimes build-up around the blade(s) can cause erratic idling. I'm sure Dan has you pointed in the right direction though, good luck.
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    Saying hello

    Welcome aboard, nice choice in Vipers :2tu: If you can make it, it sounds like we have about 50 Vipers signed up for the Texas Round-up this year, that' d be a good opportunity to meet some fellow Viper Texans. Hope to see'ya there! Heres some info on this years event...
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    I plan to be there Sat. & Sun., but not tracking this time. Looking forward to meeting you.
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    Junkman's, The Mother of All "How to Fix Your Paint for Novices" Thread!

    I resemble that remark :omg: Good thing it raining today, I'll make some :eater: and get with it!
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    Selling in the UK!

    What did you bid on it ;)
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    Wanted: Viper Art

    Here are a couple of items you might be interested in: I like the traffic light, and have it on my list. Here is a thread that contains contact info for the items above.!!!!
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    Spark Plug Heat Shields

    Wires from AB, socks from Tom Francis at DMS South Inc., Tom can be reached at [email protected]
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    Anaconda green

    I concour Bob, very classy look :2tu: I hope this gentleman doesn't mind me posting his pictures, sorry I forget his VCA handle but I think it includes 'Drummer'
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    Best picture or a viper?

    Heres a good shot of a Gen IV ACR (thanks Toddy) .... but caution you'll have to skint and focus for about 20 min. for the car to come into focus :D
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    Love the white ... but This ^^^ , the stripes seem to take away from other features. I think it would look alot better with a black roof and blacked out rear end like the ACR/ALMS car. Thanks for posting the pic, it's always nice to see other combinations, so I can adjust my wish list :)
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    Street Rod before Viper

    Very nice Hot Rod :2tu: I've always wanted a Rod with suicide doors .... love'em :headbang:
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    Need trailer to haul my 2008 ACR

    George made some very good points on enclosed vs. open, but if you decide to go open, here is a recent thread with info on a Sloan trailer.
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    Used market flood

    Paul, you nailed it! He's been 'shopping for ladies shoes' for a while now and still can't make up his/her mind :dunno:
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    Tator on Facebook?!? What's this world coming to?!?!

    I thought he was way to old for Bookface (like me) :) Indeed, hell has frozen over!!
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    Houston AutoRama

    Congrats Troy ... you had that SSG spit shined and looking good :headbang: The entire display is nice and shows good examples of all Gen's. I just might have to hit Speedy up for an invite one of these years.
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    Venom Polished with Hyper Black Painted Pockets vs Hyper Black

    This looks like a positive sign .... I hope the back is feeling good enough to shop for a Gen V :headbang:

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