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    gts chewed up its belt

    Sounds like the dampner spun on the crank shaft. See pics and details in this thread and you'll get a better idea. Not sure how it spun, but would be one explanation.
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    Lee resigned

    Thought I was on the Alley for a sec, feels like 1776 for some reason over here... ...*takes deep breath*... VCA feels better already. I just may post more on VCA... Doubtful, but hopeful.
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    Cheaper alternative for oil drain plug washer

    Did your original washer break? Why replace it?
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    Where are all the raffle cars?

    I always wondered who won those raffle cars... I never really saw or heard any "real world" results, so I never bought any raffle tickets when I was a VCA member. Heck, if I had won one, I would post all kinds of cool stuff up about the car and be uber thankful, but that's just me... Maybe the...
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    The Perfect Reaction Time on the Tree

    ET Results any good? Figuring out the car better?
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    Not the way to start the weekend

    This reminds me, my yeas has passed since my last ticket. I'm good to go for another ticket and be allowed a DD class to take it off Insurance.
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    Replacing Air filters

    lol. Funny thread.
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    OP.... This is a Dyno... It's an actual machine, not just software. Software is used to tune the car as it rolls on a Dyno. .
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    gts chewed up its belt

    Check Crankshaft bolt as mentioned... You'll find pics and data in this thread about Crankshaft bolt stuff....
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    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    Cool. Good to hear nothing major.
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    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    Did they say what they did?
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    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    No, your slave and master were done around the same time, you'll be alright. But if the car is 10 years old or has 30,000 miles on it, ya know, something big, then replace both at the same time. I wouldn;t replace one then wait a year or two and replace the other. Sometimes when you replace...
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    My 1/4 mile track times from 2011. 98' GTS - 11.3 @ 125. 455HP / 499TQ

    Been chatting with folks on different boards lately about 1/4 times and didn't realize my stuff was not on here, so wanted to get this info on here for people comparing or needing any tips at the drag strip. I'm not the best driver in the world but I would say I'm not bad with what I have... so...
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    Took my car to the Rock!!>>

    Good runs! Lower tire pressure really helps so next time let some air out! about 22psi in the rears is good. Should be an air compressor at the track to refill for the drive home. At least most tracks have air compressors on standby. Yea, your traps are a little low for the ET's but still, 11's...
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    2009 ACR at Maple Grove today

    The vettes always have to put in fresh clutch fluid on a regular basis.... it's an issue with the cars, C5's and C6's. Their fluid turns solid black within a few weeks or so of regular driving. It's a poor factory design unfortunately... That's why they talk about fresh clutch fluid. Vipers...
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    Another first timer in a GEN3.

    According to your Dyno numbers and mods, your right on track along with your good driving. I would also say some 11.5's are good to go with a little more seat time. Good job getting it down the track! Fun!
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    Vipers are real, actual race cars... That's why. The other cars you mentioned are street cars, that people race. You won't understand unless you own one. I beat on my car but it also beats me back... can be brutal at times.
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    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    Oh dear..... people... Just an FYI, this is common mechanic practice. I'm surprised I didn't see many others saying this. When you replace a slave, you might as well replace the master as well. These parts have high pressure and when you have a new one in there, the old one will pose at the weak...
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    First time at the track

    This is my favorite G-Tech... the original. I never used one of the newer models. This is how I learned how to drive. Had a stretch of road just like these guys. It flashes when you hit your 0-60 and you can stop running to compare at that point, or keep running and it will go to the 1/4 mile...
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    First time at the track

    ok cool. Sorry, I have been on hydracodode from foot surgery and was on another thread about 1/8 mile... got them confused. Your car can probably take the abuse but just something to consider if you have a location to practice launching. Heck, there are a ton of Iphone apps and smart phone apps...
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    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    Nice! Can't wait to see final product.
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    K&N filter question..

    typical VCA...
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    First time at the track

    Cool! One thing I might would consider... if you can get a G-Tech Pro and find a stretch of road for practice, you can practice your launches and your 0-60. Once you get better at your 0-60, then take it to the track, and hit it hard. ooops. I forgot you are only running 1/8th mile.... I was...
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    First time at the track

    Well, San Antonio is about 700' above sea level and it looks like PA is about 700 feet at the river, about 1000 feet on Mount Washington or the University of Pittsburgh area (according to Wiki). So no super high elevation... You might want to get your car on the dyno to see what kind of power...

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