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    GenII Fuel Pump.. need one... anyone have?

    sorry for late reply. all PM's responded to. Its a 1997..
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    GenII Fuel Pump.. need one... anyone have?

    Need a GenII fuel pump. See 2 on ebay, but unsure of seller. anyone?
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    Hellcat motor coming to the viper with 725-750 horse. Any bets?
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    ok... now that was pretty funny... :-) All we need is Michael Nouri to resurface, and the trio could join forces with a new venture.
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    Bill Pemberton and Andy Ziegler: True Professionals

    You bought that 2 mile one on ebay, didn't you..:-)
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    Viper Shipping

    Inter-city,Reliable,Thomas Sunday, Horsless Carrige,Demoise, are all good companies.... I'd say Exotic too, but they are East coat only. It comes down to schedule.. All of them shuld be close to each other on price. But many have a minimum rate of $1000 or so. So my guess would be in that range...
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    2001 RSI Unlimited Bumble Bee

    Hey no offense man. Thats why they make Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream, right? :D. I have a 2008 Coupe with Chrome wheels on it. But on the Bumble Bee, my preference would be the black wheels. Anyway, I guess it is the same car. Its had a few owners between this site and the other site. Im...
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    2001 RSI Unlimited Bumble Bee

    Did this have BIG chrome rims? I feel like someone else purchased this car not too long ago, then is showed back up in BJMotorz inventory. Be interesting to get the scoop on that. Although, it might be a different car..? FWIW. The car looks SOOO much better now. Ive never been a fan of the...
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    Some Vipers will be auctioned at Barrett Jackson ,including this 09 ACR

    Yes, That is correct......!!!! And thats just the beginning. They charge something like $3xx.xx just to get a bidders pass. AND doc fees, just like a dealer. AND.......... they charge admission to the tune of $15 a head for spectators.
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    Need manuals for 2008 coupe with navigation

    No. Saw it on ebay though. Looks clean.. Gulfstream motorcars, right? I have an exact carbon copy of it, with 3300 miles.. If you are in So FL, we'll have to catch sometime. Be pretty cool to see that same exact cars pass each other. Best of luck with it. They are a blast.
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    Need manuals for 2008 coupe with navigation

    so which one did you buy?
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    How much oil for a fresh new motor?

    Not in this thread specifically, but Its amazing all the misinformation on this forum about engine break-ins. I've seen threads where people actually believe they are "getting all the shavings out" by changing oil on a brand new car/engine at 500 miles, LOL...... Little do they know, the car was...
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    Mecedes Benz of Ft. Myers

    no such thing as "hard to sell". Anything can be sold in 1 day, if the price is right. Wholesale would be actual cash money, on demand. And this car is priced very close to that figure. If this car is clean, with no prior paintwork. Its the best deal I've sen on a GenIV in a LONG time... But...
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    Mecedes Benz of Ft. Myers

    they are down to dead wholesale on that car. Can not believe its still there.
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    08 ACR Listed For Sale

    I would respectfully disagree. Most viper buyers want all stock, all original cars. There are people who want a coupe, and not an ACR. And there are people who want an ACR, not a coupe. Personally, I'm not a black wheel fan or a wing fan.. Which is why I own a Coupe with 5 spokes. Just my...
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    Insurance Help!!

    insurance will not cover this.
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    Trading in my '09 coupe to dealer...

    No offense intended. But the color is the only reason you'be down at 60k on a trade... If it were another color w/stripes. youd be talking 65k easily,. And more like 68-72 retail.. But having said that, I would not take a dime less than 60k, which would net you more like $65000 with the tax...
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    New Viper Classified: 2001 Sapphire GTS/ACR for Sale

    you dont have the oem wheels?
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    Gen 4 for $40k?

    Im sorry, but whoever falls for these scams, deserves to lose their money. If you have a quality viper, you can take your car to any wholesaler,carmax,etc. And they'll pay you fair wholesale value for the car any day of the week. Why would someone sell a 08 viper for $40k? come on people.
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    Looking for an '02 ACR

    uh oh.... it now says "sale pending" :-)
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    Looking for an '02 ACR

    Not to hi-jack. But vipertrader is a completely irrelevant site. Its all overpriced cars, and cars that have been listed on there for YEARS, and Im sure have long been sold. no one updates it, and hasnt for some time.
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    Watch out for this Blue/White 08 Viper on eBay

    relisted at $59k, and he's claiming the bumper "has a fresh cost of paint", and zero rock chips, LOL. When I'm in the market for a viper, somehow a "fresh coat of paint" isn't exactly a selling point. what a joker.
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    Watch out for this Blue/White 08 Viper on eBay

    Good for you.. I'm just telling you what I was told, when I inquired about the car, that's all... I was told, he purchased it from a "repo" auction, with damage. And that the damage was $1400 to repair, and he has receipts to show. A good friend of mine was seriously interested in this car. I...
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    Watch out for this Blue/White 08 Viper on eBay

    was the car repo'd? How would it be salvage if he has a copy of the clean title , that shows the previous title state, as Texas Malu, Not saying thats the case, if you claim otherwise. but, why If An insurace company paid off the car in Texas. Would the next state issue a clear title? Once a...

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