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    Hmm, ceramic coating
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    Serpentine belt?

    When in doubt, always check the loose nut behind the wheel. Those are a bitch to troubleshoot ;)
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    2017 ssg special edition acr pics

    So youll get one of the last ones built!
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    Sunvisor warning label cover

    How close are those to matching? Or, get a spare visor and make your own? Double sided tape can be pretty thin these days. Or look at iron on jean patches.
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    Lifter noise

    Whats your oil pressure?
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    How to add LED interior lighting for just 10 CENTS

    Another non showing video, follow the coding example. Example:
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    Another Door Question

    There are a couple write ups on here on how to do that, involves an floor jack and a towel.
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    Range Demo Day and Shooting Challenge

    What he said, but the Cincinnati OH area.
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    car has no power?

    Weve all been there at one time or another ;)
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    car has no power?

    Usually found behind the steering wheel. ;)
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    (Almost) new Viper owner, saying hi

    Based on the wire that travels down the copper colored bar, id say its at the other end of it...
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    Alignment issue.

    I had my Mazda 6 aligned twice within two weeks cause it kept pulling left. Turns out the left front was 0.6 out and the same tech did it both times. Sometimes things happen.
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    Vanity Plate Names

    On a front plate, in the rear view mirror it says EAT ME.
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    Vanity Plate Names

    Read it backwards.
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    Vanity Plate Names

    Im surprised that one got past the filter. An old friend had GSXTACY on his 98 Eclipse GSX and they killed it when he went to renew it cause they said it was a drug reference. And then theres the old 3MTA3 front plate problem...
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    Anyone using the SRT VIPER RATTLER WHEEL RIM OEM 2013-2017 on a Second Gen?

    Ive seen lots of Gen III 10 spokes on Gen II's, cant speak on the tires though.
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    Noticeable clunk when tapping gas pedal during decel.

    Any sprung clutch is designed to have play in it, hence the springs.
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    ISO Gen III Convertible Boot Cover

    Found it, posted him this page and here is the group page
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    Ignition switch wire color?

    Just tap into the correct wires. I suggest using a Posi-Tap instead of an actual wire tap, less damage. I cant tell you which one is which though, sorry.

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