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    2,500 mile road trip

    Just got back (actually a week or so ago) from a 2,500 mile road trip. Miami - Little Rock - Kansas City - St. Louis - Nashville - Chattanooga - Atlanta - Miami. We had a family reunion in KC. My brother/sister are in the Little Rock area. It's nice putting some miles on my 98 GTS. It ran...
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    Searching For A GTS

    Hi Rafi - I don't think that's too low. You can certainly exceed that if you don't purchase the right car, though. If the car has been sitting for a long time, it will likely need a lot of maintenance - wheel bearings, brake/clutch fluid, etc. Tires are probably hard and unsafe. You can...
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    Pantera vs Viper Driving Experience

    I like my cars for different things. The Cobra is very nice when the weather is nice, and especially at night with the stars out. It's not so fun in the rain. It's like a 4-wheel motorcycle with 500hp. The Viper is my daily driver, and I love it. The Pantera is just different - hard to...
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    Pantera vs Viper Driving Experience

    I currently have 3 fun cars - 98 GTS, 65 427 Cobra replica, and a 72 Pantera. The Pantera is amazing. It is very fast. It topped out at 160mph in 1974 (road tests), and that was with a stock 351C. Mine has aluminum heads, cam, 4" crank, Dart block, so to be honest, I don't really know how...
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    Dump it or restore it (96 RT/10 Special Edition)

    Blower, 3:55 gears, headers, and you wouldn't even be asking the question. My first Viper was a stock 01 ACR Sapphire blue that I loved. I sold it because I bought a 427 Cobra replica, and couldn't really afford 3 fun cars. It's one of the few cars I regret selling. So, now I have a 98 GTS...
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    Where to get new headlights?

    I don't know what it costs to "tool up" for this, but it seems like there's a good market. My 98 has foggy lenses, and I'd gladly pay for new headlights. Good luck finding them, though. I plan on taking them apart eventually to polish inside and out. I'm afraid of screwing it up worse, though.
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    FS- Roe Supercharger

    Congrats to whoever bought it. I have a 2.8L Roe and 3:55 gears on my 98, and I love it.
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    Viper Parts Rack

    Nice looking car. Drive it.
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    My Launch Edition arrived

    Not filled. You need a chair, maybe some tunes, and somewhere to put your beer.
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    Bought a somewhat unloved 99 ACR, first time owner

    Congratulations. Make sure you check everything lane_viper said, plus check the wheel bearings. I'm on my second Gen-2. Both had front wheel bearing issues. They are cheap, but the big bolt that holds it together is no longer available, so be careful not screwing it up. You can get the big...
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    This Viper makes us proud

    I used to live in Houston, and the toll roads are about the safest place to do stupid stuff. It's still pretty stupid to do this on public roads, though. Metal becomes liquid when it impacts at those speeds. I say this as I'm screwing a Roe supercharger onto my Gen-2.
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    Greg Good Heads

    Thanks. I'll try to contact him.
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    Greg Good Heads

    I sold my 01 ACR about 4 years ago. I've sold cars I liked before, but I have always been able to rationalize selling them. That wasn't the case with the Viper. I hated watching it go, and I've missed it ever since. I labored over whether I should get another Gen-2, but I finally stopped...
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    Dropped a valve

    Thx for the input. I feel better knowing it isn't common. It has 14,000 miles and everything is stock. It even has the stock exhaust. Both heads are going to a good machine shop, and they're going to check everything.
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    Dropped a valve

    I took my 01 ACR to the track on Jan 02. In the third heat, it started sounding weird - no pop or anything, but it didn't sound right so I took it in. The O2 sensor heater was bad, the PCM was bad, and the #3 intake keeper was in 2 pieces. The valve kissed the piston, and #1 was misfiring...
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    Pleasantly surprised by my registration fees

    I'd love to see a website where you could input your salary, real property, imaginary property (cars, boats, etc.), and so on, and the have it spit out the cost to live in the various places - including Canada, Europe, etc. The problem with taxes is they're so complicated, it's too hard to...
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    selling my '99 gts for $29k

    I would buy your car in a second, but I just bought a 2001 sapphire blue GTS ACR. Have you tried ebay? You could put a $29K reserve, and I bet it would exceed it. Sorry - I didn't read the whole thread. This thing is 8 pages long... I read enough to see the comments about pawn stars and the...

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