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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    i always owe ya a beer...:)
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    Photos for the Ohio Viper Nationals

    traction to be blunt very unsafe!!
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    always gettin yelled at. i heard them yell at me when i did the "unofficial" burnout for those impact car kids. felt like highschool all over again...principal calling me on speaker :)
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    regarding the event overall, i was more than pleased to meet up with many longtime friends/racers and very dissappointed in the event overall. track was horrible and very unsafe (spinning at a 3200 launch on ET streets is ridiculous) not to mention poor scheduling and attendance. at least the...
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    thnx for the post dave. i kinda wuss'd out though. i was told to do about 30-45 seconds and instead i pussed out at about 15 seconds. i didnt give a sheizen about the meat but those HREs are kinda keepers :) IMO i won the event. i made just a bit less smoke than the ghettosled that won and...
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    Shifting from 4th to 5th

    im glad im in therapy. i can resist posting a response. boy this one is a doosy too, wooohoooo
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    Another One Bites the Dust!

    "no way a viper, even a supercharged one can keep up with a modern sport bike" this tool's response is a joke right, he is just kidding right? could anyone who owns a viper (and allegedly have such extensive bike and viper operational skills) truly be that dipshiited. if so i agree with the...
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    Adjusting your shocks

    what are you setting them for? roadcoursing? drag? daily? easy to do.
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    V10 Nats - Bradenton Photos - Finally posting all of them

    not too shabby. you defintely need more of your "northern brother of a different mother" V10 MOJO :laugh:
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    When you drive a Viper someone is always trying to outdo you.

    i cant believe someone would buy that POS. for that kinda cash you could get a few REAL cars. just goes to show you that having money does not mean you have taste or class or intelligence to accompany that cash
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    Hey DC, the Viper crowd likes this...(Admin note attached)

    Re: Hey DC, the Viper crowd likes this... i am becoming more and more assured that i WILL NOT be buying a new viper in my future. i shall eventually get an ACR but as for the new viper option; its simply not an option. DC has definitely lost their intelligence and comon sense. goo dthis i love...
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    Here is the New Coupe----any GTS Owners Considering Trading In?

    roof is fugly; horrible, it literally looks like they halfasssed slapped a chintsy roof onto a convertible. plus the rearend; theyre bullshiiting us, they didnt do a damnn thing still too short and stubby. at least its got nice wheels. oh and the excellent interior; IF YOUR VANILLA ICE WITH AN...
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    Traction control AEM style.

    who is currently offering the best price on the AEM at this time? is there a group buy rate?
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    can you convert a 97-99 GTS without sidepipes to have sidepipes?

    how much more noise? i love the look but im about at limit for cockpit noise. with heads/cam, belangr headers, hiflo cats and corsa
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    Diablo vs Viper....

    tough choice and purely just that; a choice all based upon preferance. i personally think the viper is better looking and performs better. the only lambo i would even consider (and have been trying to find one for over two yrs now) is a 95 SE30 JOTA version. but even then i would not give up the...
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    Lotus Elise vs. Viper

    the lotus is one ugly ass car i cant imagine it getting more "positive" attention than a viper
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    Re: still doesnt matter, it cant out handle the viper, cant outbrake the viper and lets face it, the torque of a vette will NEVER match that of a viper so bottom line; its still a vette and its still behind a viper every step of the way. BUT the vette is a nice car for the wife or special...
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    Need INFO on V10 Nationals

    1. usually around 9-10am things get started. track wont go hot for a couple hours after though i would assume 2. walk wherever your feet can take ya, its america. 3. ?? 4. always
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    V-10 Nationals Updated Points

    are you gonna get that thing cleaned up in time joe? i say you take off the front fenders and hood and race it madmaxx style bro.
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    is a cam worth while?

    always do cam with heads. and if you are doing heads you are hopefully going with Greg Good. if not youre getting second best heads as his are the best bar none. 713-290-1103 call him
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    dyno results on a Racetested nitrous system

    well, obviously this is my bucket and i think joe and denny said it best above. as for whats next, LOL, im not saying anything, im just going to focus on keeping this thing straight, on the track in bradenton. i will say this, there is ALOT more power left in this system and the TQ is INSANE...
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    Loan or Lease?

    sometimes leasing is a good way to go, it would all depend upon your usage of the vehicle and the setup of the lease itself. if its best for you and your future plans for the car itself then do it.
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    I don't appreciate this board refusing me help.

    Re: I don\'t appreciate this board refusing me help. simple solution to you; go to [******] and you wont have any of the problems that occur on this board. the problem youre dealing with here is the result of what happens when it is decided by others what is in "your best interest" LOL. nice huh.
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    Re: FACTORY REP FROM DODGE SAYS ALL VIPERS RUN HOT! HE SAYS 260 DEGREES IS the rep is a dumbasss. 260 is NOT normal

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