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    Mobil 1 10w30 at Walmart 5 quarts for $17.78

    $19.94 price at Cincinnati area Walmart stores.........
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    How many drive 'bone stock' Vipers?

    Mine remains stock - only area I may upgrade is the brakes once the originals require replacement. The local viper tech made that as the one and only upgrade suggestion based on the way I treat and drive the car. :drive:
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    Trick to get bug guts off of front end

    Baby wipes (unused - ha) work well at cleaning bugs off, too!
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    aaahhh, it's good to be back! (PICS)

    That' a great looking car! I want one!
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    Have they done this for the Viper?

    Breathtaking! Holy smoke!!! :2tu:
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    Did you buy your Viper sight unseen?

    Bought mine sight unseen from Bill P. (Woodhouse).
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    Sure hope I am wrong (on the keychain comment).... :bonker:
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    It's a carbon fiber key chain that you will receive (if you renewed your membership)
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    Kennys Viper progress?

    Kenny: I echo Marc question. Do you have your vehicle back and are you satisfied?
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    Does anyone drive in the rain?

    Nope, not me. The car might melt!
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    Mobile One shelf life

    Tom and Guys: No, I don't want to store a bunch of oil for five years but, I buy the stuff when WalMart has it on sale. Sometimes I can lose track of how old it is and, if a refrigerator would "help" it stay fresh (I have a beer "kegerator" in the garage) then why not toss a few five quart jugs...
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    Mobile One shelf life

    Tom: Can we extend the shelf life of Mobil 1 by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer?
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    Viper club Poll !!!!!!!!!!

    The blue and white is just classic. What a beaut! :nana:
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    Viper Red Paint (Viper Tax??)

    That sounds like the gallon price - not a quart.
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    Kennys Viper progress?

    Kenny: Hope your car turns out fine. Thanks again for the advice on the other matter!
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    For anyone interested - I have a driver side hood hinge that was collapsing on itself. The hinge and spring assembly should fold down closely beside each other but mine was not doing that. A fluke according to the viper tech who diagnosed the problem. Parts are on order and the install should...
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    I don't believe the problem is the release latch or cable system that operates it. As I have been trying to find the pinpoint the precise location of the interference, I have noticed that the support bar that has the engineered "kink" in it is beginning to bend. So, the hinge assembly that is...
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    Ok, thanks. Haven't been in there with any tools lately. Eric might be onto something with the pin. if a hinge is bad I wonder if that would be covered under the extended service contract I bought?
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    Guys: I can't even get the back of the hood (nylon roller) to set down. Picture this: When you close the hood, you move the back side (closes to the windshield) from open to where the nylon rollers touch. I can only get the backside of the hood half-way there and something in the driver side...
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    Eric: Absolutely no tweaking done anywhere. When closing the hood it simply stops when about half-way down. Feels like a semi-metallic clunk. Like the hood is touching a predetermined stop and wants to go no further. :(
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    No, it's not the typical question on where to place your hands on the hood itself. Has anybody had an interference problem (with the hinges - specifically the driver's side) whereby the hood will not close? I am able to get my hood about 50% closed and something is stopping it from closing...
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    Did they announce the 2008 Viper?

    Ok, enough with the secrets. What's the scoop on the 2008 model??? C'mon !!! :p
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    I still like the Startech 20" chromes (KurtZ's photo already posted). Downside is their cost and that they are much heavier than the factory wheel. I heard like 60 lbs. each ??? :(
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    How do I add coolant to the coolant recovery bottle?

    Use a turkey baster. remove the hose from the overflow tank and simply pump it in there. Place some towels around so you don't make too much of a mess.

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