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  1. AFL in NJ

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    I'd like to see five levels on the forum: Supporting Vendor Vendor VCA Member Owner Enthusiast and there should be different levels of conduct and posting abilities for each. For instance, a supporting vendor should be able to post not only prices, but tech help. A Vendor should be able to...
  2. AFL in NJ

    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Nicely done so far; I hope you get the results you were hoping for at a bargain price! Regards, Aaron
  3. AFL in NJ

    Team SRT Wins!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to Dominic and Marc on your 1st place finish!! Regards, Aaron
  4. AFL in NJ

    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    I replaced my OEM clutch last year with a flywheel/clutch kit from BadBoyzzGarage, you may want to look into this option if you end up replacing the stock clutch and flywheel. I absolutely LOVE this clutch/flywheel package and it's been nearly 20k miles! Regards, Aaron
  5. AFL in NJ

    ACR Convertible Frame Replacement

    Wow, that's something. I know they only made 5 in red....I still want one of the black ones, but it appears that is the most top notch repair I've seen. Regards, Aaron
  6. AFL in NJ

    "I sold my Viper, but the memories I'll keep."

    Thanks for sharing; cool article! Regards, Aaron
  7. AFL in NJ

    Other than the Viper, what exotic car holds it's value well?

    I'd say the Ford GT was a good purchase to its value used. I've often scoured the internet for cars people forget about, like the vector W8, Porsche 959, a used Ruf turbo Porsche and such. Some of those mid 80's cars are now at the bottom of their depreciation cycle, so theorectically this is...
  8. AFL in NJ

    My Amazing Gen 5 Viper Adventure!

    Congrats on the new Viper, she's gorgeous! Regards, Aaron
  9. AFL in NJ

    Almost Took My Door Off In Parking Lot

    I'll be the a55 and ask: "What is her handicap?" Regards, Aaron
  10. AFL in NJ

    7:15 Ring Time in ACR by VCA Member

    Congrats!!! Toddy, all those ACR-X pieces are street legal as well correct? Regards, Aaron
  11. AFL in NJ

    New viper owner introduction

    Congratulations and welcome! Regards, Aaron
  12. AFL in NJ

    Insurance for Viper as primary vehicle?

    My Viper isn't my primary vehicle, but call Hector Rodriguez Jr. at 908-927-9200 and tell him Aaron suggested you get a quote from him. I've been with Allstate in Somerville, NJ for all 8 years I've owned my Viper and never had a problem. Regards, Aaron
  13. AFL in NJ

    First crashed Gen V on public roads?

    So very sad, my condolences to the Morse family. Regards, Aaron
  14. AFL in NJ

    Best comment you overheard someone say about your car...

    Dear Witz323, Thats awesome; congratulations!! Regards, Aaron
  15. AFL in NJ

    Need a favor

    Thank-you so much!! Regards, Aaron
  16. AFL in NJ

    Sunol, CA head-on crash

    My deepest condolences to his family. Regards, Aaron
  17. AFL in NJ

    I might start a war here but I'm gonna ask anyways...

    I think either Viper will be great blasting Whitesnake. (says the long-haired-stuck-in-the-80s guy) I believe some Steel Panter - Feel the Steel, Van Halen - any album except Van Halen III), Motley Crue - any album would be great! I wish you all the best on your tough decision. Regards, Aaron
  18. AFL in NJ

    Need a favor

    Dear Intense5.5 and v10enomous, Thank-you guys I plan to book my shipping Friday, the 15th, and yes, maybe NW Jersey would be easier. I'll keep you posted and PM you when I get the final details. Regards, Aaron
  19. AFL in NJ

    Need a favor

    Dear Aaron, That might be the way I have to go, so I'll keep you posted. At this point I'm trying to juggle a BIG work deadline with getting my car shipped and registered, so I'll know more on the 15th of the month. Regards, Aaron
  20. AFL in NJ

    Need a favor

    Thanks Guys!! I really appreciate the help. The issue is I've got to have someone sign for the car, so I'm still chatting with a friend down in South Jersey (wait times at NJ MVC are less than 5 minutes), so I'll factor all this in and keep in touch. I'd never have an issue with a fee per day...
  21. AFL in NJ

    Need a favor

    Dear Gents, I bought a Woodward Edition Plymouth Prowler out of Florida and currently my job has me working in California, but I still have my driver's license in New Jersey, so I have to register/title/plate/inspect the car in New Jersey. Anyway, I was wondering if there's someone who has a...
  22. AFL in NJ

    R.I.P. Jerome

    R.I.P. Jerome....way to young to leave us. Regards, Aaron
  23. AFL in NJ

    Gen II Outside Door Button - degraded finish

    My "button" has completely cracked and is now a dull plastic. I also had a dealer put the wrong screw in from the inside and dent my outer door entry panel and to make it even worse, the inner panel has a crack. I need a lot more than just the button, but i'll be interested if someone has found...
  24. AFL in NJ

    Replica Window Sticker

    Got my replica Monroney's today; I'm very happy and grinning from ear to ear! Thank-you Patrick! Regards, Aaron
  25. AFL in NJ

    2003 and 2004 Recall

    I've read a lot of posts on this site and I've never heard of an inadvertant airbag deployed in an 03-04 Viper, so I too am surprised by the recall. Regards, Aaron

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