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    08 GEN 4 No spark

    If it had old fuel in the lines it might also have clogged injectors. I often have to pull mine and unclog after sitting for a long time. If you haven't replaced the battery just do it. But a battery tender at the same time and keep it connected when not in use. Vipers want a FULL charged...
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    2003 Driver's Door Trim at Window

    Look for Jay TNT, he sells reproduction upgrade trim pieces
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    The time has come.

    What are you doing?
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    Driving in the rain with K&N filters

    I was driving in a downpour last summer and rain soaked my K&N. the Paxton filter is a flat rectangle filter that fits over the inlet box so rain has nowhere to go but hit the filter. I was stuck on the side of the highway for about 30 min while the filter dried out.
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    Lee resigned

    This all reminds me of Suharto and his presidency over Indonesia. He gave his family leadership positions in the government and ran the country into the ground. While the people were starving to death his son used the countries funds to purchase the Lamborghini car company. They were...
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    another founding member suspended!?

    What a joke.
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    Just got mine...

    Welcome and congrats.
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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    Can I join MCVO?
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    car trailer for rent?

    Kris, If you were near Tampa you could borrow mine. It's just sitting there. Bart
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    Gen 3 X-pipe exhaust, cheap solution to change for a loud one ?

    You could remove the crossover section, and then get turnouts from the mufflers that dump to the sides. That would be a "cheap" solution.
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    For the key fob, I picked up one new on an auction site that looks exactly like my original. It was easy to program but you have to reprogram the old one at the same time. Do a search, directions are online.
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    Gen III/IV owners that own(ed) a Gen I/II

    I own a Gen III, and just bought a Gen II. I felt the Gen III felt like a narrower car, door panels are closer to the driver. Sitting in a 96 GTS, I had more space between me and the door. I'm not a big guy, 200lbs, 4'17", and at my height the sun visor on the 96 dropped down right in my...
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    1998 Viper wrecked by Mechanic?

    Be careful, you're not a vendor.
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    Guess I'm not the only one up late Saturday night

    You haven't been here long enough.
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    Building the GenV hood
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    10g to spend on winter project (engine)

    I'm running a base Paxton on my stock 03 with about 60k miles, 648 RWHP. As long as you keep a conservative tune you should be fine. I'm looking into the same upgrades, forged internals is my next step with Greg Good top end.
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    2006 black coupe photoshoot

    Dang Ryan. I have the same tires. I've driven in the rain before and notice they hydroplane at around 70mph. Sorry to hear about you car, you've been through a lot of down time.
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    Help! Broke 2 wheel studs

    Wouldn't this put stress on the bearing or tie rod end every time you hit the hub?
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    Gen IV ACR styled Gen II

    I think this is out of Saudi Arabi.
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    Question for GTS Owners

    Hey Tito, I take it you sold your truck then?
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    Have the discussions on the VCA site gone to hell?

    Oh, great idea, I forgot about that feature!
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    Have the discussions on the VCA site gone to hell?

    I didn't think he sounded condescending or hateful at all in item #2. He's just making a statment that there are different demographics on here. Some of us have more money than others. Some of us can afford multiple Vipers, and some barely own theirs. We're all here for the same thing, but...

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