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    Gen 2 Exhaust Options

    Here's a video of the installation of a Snake Oyl muffler delete on my 2000 RT10. I'm the bald guy in the video so be nice. At the end of the video there is a before and after comparison with drive-bys. I have been told by some other Viper owners that it is the best sounding viper ever, and...
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    Recommended Tires

    I wanted to follow up on this for those researching this topic in the future. I finally have my 2000 Viper on the ground with the Continental Extreme Contact Sport 295/35ZR-18 front and 355/30ZR-19 rear tires mounted. That 295/35 size is NOT A TYPO. The car is lowered on BC Coilovers, and for...
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    BC coilovers, do I need adjustable sway bar links?

    I'm installing BC coilovers on my 2000 Viper, and while I'm doing this, I'm considering installing new sway bar links. The car has 30k miles. Aftermarket links range from $46 (Moog for example) up to + $300 for adjustable links. My question is, what do you recommend? Is it worth the extra...
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    Recommended Tires

    B-Diamond, they are the Extreme Contact Sports. I have not mounted them yet, as they just arrived. Jon, by tough I meant looks-wise. Yes, they are soft as I referenced with the 100 treadware. My front tire size was not a typo, so I'll let you know if I need to eat my words. And, I'm truly...
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    Recommended Tires

    I just worked through the tire decision myself, it was rough! I had narrowed it down to the Toyo R888r and the Extreme Contacts. I ended up going with the Extreme Contacts, because of the available sizes. I have the 295 35 18 for the front, and the 355 30 19 for the rear. I really disliked...
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    02 RT/10 Best Sales Sites

    I would post it everywhere you can,,,,, and FB Marketplace if you don't mind combing through the crazy amount of scammers and dumb inquiries. I would recommend against BaT, due to timing, process involvement (I sell on there so I...

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