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    Paint Scheme Opinions?

    Check if the airbrushing is on top of the clearcoat...if not, the airbrushing was done over the car's original clearcoat with a new clear applied. That said the airbrush paint is between these two clearcoats, the top being most likely very thin just to keep the paint protected. Bring the car to...
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    I agree, most likely the the plug when they took the center and vertical panel off. I also have a stock/upgraded radio that is available. You will find that you will eventually want the radio and back speaker upgraded / replaced - easy to do both with mounting kit and after-market wire harness.
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    New Viper Owner, car came with a front splitter that I just installed...

    does it happen all the time? What is a high rate of speed? Did it happen before the splitter install? I would remove the splitter and see what happens...however the pulling of the scoop and the whole front end moving needs more clarification....nice car..
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    2004 dodge viper

    I bought a set of PS braided lines from a source on the East coast. They sent an instruction sheet along for replacement. rather easy to do. - spoke with Parker...they may have oil lines as well. I did not need the line wrenches that I bought...just regular crescent worked fine..after...

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