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    GEN I and GEN II NOS OEM parts available.

    Hi PHL96 Do you have any pictures of the windows please? How much are you asking for them? Regards
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Hi there I am interested in the 1996 RT10 sender units when you get some. My email is [email protected] Regards Glen
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    1996 rt/10 Differential ratio change

    Thank you for you reply. 355 definitely seems the way to go. Where did you get the Dana 44 from? I see these on ebay a lot.
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    1996 rt/10 Differential ratio change

    Yes international shipping would be a must. Thank you for your reply.
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    1996 rt/10 Differential ratio change

    Hi there Looking to change my 1996 rt/10 diff ratio. Where is the best place to buy a crown wheel/pinion and rebuild kit? Thinking to go 3.55 or 3.73 Had anyone done either of these ratio changes? Cheers
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    Gen 1.5 Trunk trim color

    Does anyone know what color the trim in a 1996 rt/10 trunk is please? It's not quite black but more deep blue. Thanks Glen

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