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    Viper tuner in San Antonio Austin area

    You have Calvo and D3 in Texas. Both are among the best with Vipers. Are you tuning a HP Tuner?
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    Check engine light after exhaust mod

    I have all four cats removed and running an Agency Power exhaust. I used the O2 spacers above. No check engine lights.
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    A Viper owners worst nightmare...

    Wow. You are handling this much better than I would. There would be hell to pay. I wouldn't keep that car man. Let whoever is at fault take the financial hit and walk away. Get your self another Viper.
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    New door sills

    Those look gorgeous Lisa!! They match your interior perfect. Very nice.
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    First 9 second gen V viper...

    Very good. Not bad for a stock internal GEN V. I think it has a 9.4-9.2 if the 60ft can get better.
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    Agency Power Catless Exhaust

    There is in certain counties. I have my car garaged in a county that does not have emissions.
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    Agency Power Catless Exhaust

    So am I. It should take rwhp to around 600.
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    Agency Power Catless Exhaust

    Thanks. Just the catless exhaust for now and the O2 spacers to avoid throwing a CEL. Next will be a tune. Most likely HP Tuner.
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    Agency Power Catless Exhaust

    Purchased and installed an Agency Power stainless header back exhaust. I went with the option of deleting all four catalytic converters. Car feels like a different animal. The GEN V Viper is the most responsive car I have ever owned when it comes to mods. You can feel the extra power gained...
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    Demise of Viper

    Still have it and it's better then new. Going to hold on to it. Have an exhaust in route to me. Going to cats.
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    Demise of Viper

    There are more "End of Viper Production" threads than actual Vipers produced.
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    Motor Trend selects Best Driver's car for 2015

    I purchased my Viper for under $100k, why isn't there a Viper in the line up?
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    First Oil Change in 2014

    For your first oil/filter change you want to do it at 500 miles. After that I do every 3,000 miles. Don't listen to dealerships unless they are known in the Viper community like Woodhouse. Also I think of the cars manual as "guidelines" and not commandments. :)
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    Viper is home

    Thank you so much for the kind words.
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    Boomerang Mud Flaps for Gen 5

    I contacted Woodhouse, they have not made any for the rear as of yet.
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    Viper is home

    Its a great car, I enjoy driving it more so then my 1400whp Supra. The customer service I received by Chrysler/Dodge was top shelf! I couldn't have asked for a better warranty experience once I got in contact with the right people. In regards to the sale of the car, I am only offering it for...
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    Viper is home

    Rest assure it is my car for sale by me.
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    Viper is home

    Sure thing. After visiting two dealerships and seeing the inexperience of their employees when it came to Vipers and body work I decided to take care of it myself. A dealerships body shop tech told me he would have to remove the door to get to the hinge panel, that alone made me not want to let...
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    Uconnect update

    It seems only the Vipers are having an issue after the backup.
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    Viper is home

    ViperSmith that's exactly where I am at. Either have it covered under warranty and fight to have Prefix do the work or take it off my self and send it to Prefix out of pocket. I have to be honest, I don't feel comfortable having a dealership touch the car.
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    Viper is home

    So all GEN V seeing this problem or is it a select few? Is it worth reprinting it?
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    Viper is home

    Prefix are blaming it on the exhaust however why isn't it on the other side as well? Couldn't be the exhaust is touching that panel.
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    Viper is home

    Today I noticed some bubbling in the paint. Car has less than 100 miles on it. I'm waiting to hear back from Prefix.
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    Boomerang Mud Flaps for Gen 5

    Thanks for developing these, sent them an email for an order.

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