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    Nopi Nationals in Orlando, FL. March 28-30

    If anyone plans on going/showing at Nopi in Orlando on March 28-30, today is the last day to pre-register and get your credentials in the mail. If you register after today, your stuff will be at the Will Call window at the track. Vipers are also given VIP parking in the "Supercar class" parking...
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    Just picked up another B/W RT/10!

    This brings up an interesting question. There were 53 made. I know 1 was a Chrysler buyback, so 52 out there (minus any that have been totalled). I wonder if anyone does own multiple (real) b/w RT/10's? On another note, you have a great car! A b/w would be my favorite RT/10!
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    Tampa happenings this weekend?

    After deciding to go to the Bucs game tomorrow and seeing a 40% chance of rain, the Viper stayed home. I haven't looked at my front bumper yet to see how bad the love bugs got me.
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    Tampa happenings this weekend?

    Eric-bummer, but I plan on coming over a lot this fall/winter, so we'll hook up at some point. Jeffsss: Thanks for the carshow tip. At 9pm, I'll prob be losing rent money at Hard Rock lol
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    Tampa happenings this weekend?

    I'm headed to Tampa tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon-evening. Anyone want to meet up or any car stuff going on?
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    Tampa happenings this weekend?

    I'm headed to Tampa tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon-evening. Anyone want to meet up or any car stuff going on?
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    '97 Dodge Viper GTS poster

    Do you still have the poster? What were you looking to get for it? You can PM me if you want. I think they mean "selling" as asking for money. Trading is ok AFAIK.
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    Just added MORE Viper model cars to the classifieds

    Sorry, noone ever bought that one and I donated it to the Children's Hospital at Christmas time a couple years ago.
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    Fingerprints all over my car..

    Awesome story! A few years ago I found out a friend of a friend had a son who has some disabilities whose favorite car was a Viper. The mom asked if I minded driving the car over one day for her son to see. Ofcourse, I said yes and she took lots of pictures and video. Here's the video she...
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    Having trouble contacting XVIPERS

    There's 3 Viper people who I'm surprised aren't confined to a wheelchair: John Hennessey Scott @ Elite motorsports The guy @ X-Vipers (Michael?) For the record, I was never ripped off by any of them, but I also never did business with any of them. I thank this forum for warning me against...
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    ANNOUNCING: The Georgia VCA annual Bar-B-Q August 11th Sunday

    Ya'll have fun! I've gotta work Saturday, so I won't make it :( It's a shame the high speed escorts are a thing of the past. Those were always fun!
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    Schrader Valve Leaks Gas

    Same thing happened to me. The powdercoater told me I'd prob have to replace the valve since he didn't remove it before baking. The cores have a very small fuel resistant o-ring around them for sealing. Once I installed the manifold, I started the car and sure enough, it was leaking due to the...
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    Look for a 1996 RT/10 Factory Hard Top

    This is interesting. My hardtop, which I always assumed to be factory, DOES have to have the sportspad removed to install it. The top has 2 bolts in the back of it that screw into the back of the sportscap. With the pad on, you cannot access the holes. I sold a 96' RT/10 hardtop a couple...
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    96 dipstick indicator

    The 04763791AB part # is for a 96' GTS (Gen 2 engine). The 5245899 part # is for a 96' RT/10 (Gen 1 engine).
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    Track Days in Savannah @ Roebling Road--8/17 & 8/18

    August 17 at 8:00am until August 18 at 5:00pm So far, 3 Vipers are already signed up. 2 days on Roebling Raceway only with only 60 cars total. Roebling is 2.02 miles long and has a 103db sound limit. The fee for an entire weekend of track time is $299 per driver. We will be running 4 run...
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    1996 Black RT/10

    96' RT/10's had the Gen 1 "smoothie" hoods. The model is accurate.
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    Gen 1/2 light up sign in classifieds!

    PM sent. Hey Mike, right now, no plans to get out of the Viper. I am driving it less than I ever have before, but I don't want to sell it. I wish the Daytona area had a more active Viper scene, but I knew when I left GA I'd be leaving 1 of the greatest VCA regions around. I am house hunting...
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    Gen 1/2 light up sign in classifieds!

    Viper light up sign. $60.00 includes continental USA shipping. Will ship worldwide, PM me for a shipping quote.
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    Mystery battery death solved!

    What type of battery do you have? Some hold charges for longer than others. If you do a search, you'll see that Optima batteries are garbage and a BIG no-no to ever install in a Viper. Well, unless you want to be swapping them out every month or so. A lot of people go with Sears Diehard...
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    Interesting color scheme

    I bet I know who bought it. He buys all his Vipers from Palmer and also owned a SSG with lime green wheels. Then again, Roethlisberger has a house in GA, so it could possibly actually be him
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    Interesting color scheme

    Don't insult the Viper like that, it hasn't raped anyone. I'd like to see a better pic, but we've certainly seen worse.
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    Memorial Day Party at Scotts house( PICS)

    3 things I miss living in Daytona: 1. The GA-VCA 2. Logan's Steakhouse 3. Academy Sports I've gotta get back up for an event soon!
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    Average age of Viper owners?

    I was 23 when I bought my Viper, I turn 32 in 2 weeks. Wait, I've had the car 9 years? That's enough to make me die of depression if I don't die of old age first.
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    Who's the Gen 5 owner in Daytona Beach, FL?

    While I was at Daytona Dodge last weekend looking at their Launch Edition, the salesman said of the 4 Gen 5's they had sold, 1 had stayed local in Daytona. Is it anyone here by chance?
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    What is really behind Viper/Michelin relationship?

    That's 1 of the strangest stories I've heard. I had PS2's mounted on my 96' RT/10 a couple months ago and noone said anything. The tires were bought from a vendor in Washington state who has sold tires to Viper owners for years, so if it was any "safety" issue involved, he would've let me...

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