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    dash plate screws

    Unscrew one and go to the local hardware store to find out what screw thread/size it is. They should have thread/size guage. You can try on nuts from the bulk bins also to check sizes/pitch. Once you have that, you can go online if the local store doesn't have what you're looking for. Also...
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    Potential new owner looking for some basic information, thanks :)

    I had a 2001 C5 Vette Vert and then a 2005 Viper Vert. The Viper was a far better ownership experience and definitely far and away more reliable.
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    Viper vs Corvette exhaust

    The Viper sound had grown on me so much that I prefer that over the Corvette sound. Many of us are diehard V8 converts that took a while to get used to the V10 side exhaust sound. I think it sounds particularly good above 2500 rpm.
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    ACR seat option vs aftermarket

    The basic seat is the same isn't it? The ACR might add different fabric/colors to the seat but that's all?
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    Z06 vs. Viper ACR

    I thought the Viper sounded way better (engine note). Those two twerps were obviously luxury car drivers. Randy was the only one worth listening to.
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    Fisker -VIPER WOW!

    Well, they are only making 50 of them. I hope it does well.
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    Leftover Inventory Search

    Offer 72K but don't go over 75K. Take a look at the general asking prices on these links provided to you. You can bet the dealer didn't pay more than 70K for it.
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    Want Gen III or IV Seats Are they the Same??

    Did you post in the Gen II section?
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    2 ACR's just arrived at Fremont CDJR

    That's only because you know the Viper market is too weak.
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    Gen 5 Vert Poll

    Deleted - enough with sidetracking OP's intent.
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    Gen 5 Vert Poll

    How about a sub poll to this for which want power tops vs the manual top. Would the power tops bring in more buyers? I would prefer the manual top like the previous generation.
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    2015 Viper GTS - $482,000

    Some diehard Viper fans in China!
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    Buying a 2016 acr? Call the dealers on this site

    What's the big deal about marked up prices? I don't care for them but I do believe dealers have every right to set prices to local demand and supply. A market adjustment of $30K is no worse than a buyer looking for a $30K discount. A buyer willing to pay the higher price DESERVES that car...
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    The slowest viper in the world

    You guys need to stop embarrassing the ViperNation and park your cars.......LOL!
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    fender/mud guard for gen 5 ??

    Open-minded bunch these Viper owners........
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    Need opinions fast!!!! Color combos on 2 viper gts help

    Aspirations, congratulations on your aquisition. Are you getting any buyers remorse and thinking you should have gotten the gray one? Do realize no matter which one you picked, you'll think you should have gotten the other one! I know I'm a little late with my opinion (you did have a tough...
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    Road Trip

    Not missing cruise control?
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    TA selling well, soon to be selling out...and it's no surprise why

    This is the 12 speaker system, right? So the road noise is pretty acceptable at cruising speeds (60-80)?
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    Charger Hellcat too

    What's so special about 777? Are you a gambler who spends too much time behind the slot machines?
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    Charger Hellcat too

    As a potential buyer of either markets, I can't see taking a Hellcat over a Viper even though it's a lot more affordable because it's too heavy. It's a lot easier to add hp then to cut out weight. The Viper is lot more than a straight line car. The feel and response of a lighter car = more...
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    The current and future state of Viper sales and technology

    I desperately want a G5. I'd rather a vert but I'll take the coupe for the right price. I like the new C7s (which are in my price range) but would rather be in a Viper. I'm willing to pay $20k more for one but the difference is far greater than that. Where are these 70-90k G5s? I don't...

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