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    Asking for help with Gen 1 VIN

    Hello everyone. I have been up to visit my client and have news that probably isnt great. I will post pictures today. The pictures are not terrible really but the car is no museum piece. With under 30,000 miles the car has been well enjoyed by the man who owns it. None of this is a problem...
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    Asking for help with Gen 1 VIN

    Good to speak with you also. Been getting some attention already. I am going to make sure this car goes to the right home while getting my guy the best price. The owner is kind of a ham and loves telling stories. I really encourage truly interested parties to drive up and look at the car...
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    Asking for help with Gen 1 VIN

    Hello, Viper community. My name is Scott, I handle the affairs of a very eccentric person who had the good fortune of winning the California Lottery at the start of the 1990s. One of his first extravagant purchases was a Viper which he pushed to get one of the first ones available to him. Now...

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