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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    ^^^ Sick! Great choice on the gunmetal centers.
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    Any enclosed trailer going from Cincy to Naples ??

    Problem is, by going with one guy, he has to be at the right place, and able to head in the right direction, at the right time... Very small chance of that. If you call the big places, you just have to be a little pushy. Basically call a few, and tell them you will only book with them based...
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    Any enclosed trailer going from Cincy to Naples ??

    Call up any big name car moving company and they will find a truck closest to you going that direction.... I have done it multiple times when buying or selling cars. Try giving Exotic Car Transport a call out of Orlando.
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    Switching from 13" wide to 12" wide rear rims. Spacing issue?

    I just put the Forgestars on my 97 GTS and the fitment is very flush.
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    is the 1998 silver GTS a rare color?

    Last time this thread was bumped was on dial tone.
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    Opti coat just applied

    There are lots of these coatings out there now... all similar. I used 22PLE on my Viper after about 20 hours of prepwork :) I used Opti-Coat on my Range Rover. As far as which is better, I think it's a moot point. Hard to say because the longevity of the product depends on how you take...
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    Using a floor jack

    I have two jacks. With vipers, it makes the experience a lot less stressful and frightening. As others have said, I have two of the harbor freight low profile jacks. Get the heavy one, not the more expensive aluminum lightweight version. I have both and although the aluminum one is nice...
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    Gotta ask...

    Be prepared to see hilarious looks and questions everywhere you go. I have people yell at me at stoplights, from sidewalks as I drive by, etc. You literally can't get gas without people staring and asking questions. I'm sure being only 26 and looking 21 doesn't help my case. One day a...
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    Anyone hit near 700rwhp on pump gas with a paxton?

    I maybe worded it poorly. If you read it closely the mods I listed are saying you need to have a built setup with heads, cam, and with lowered compression to be able to up the boost and flow enough air to see a bump with the 2500. With stock compression, you are going to detonate on pump gas...
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    Anyone hit near 700rwhp on pump gas with a paxton?

    From everything I have read, there is very little improvement unless you spin the motor much faster than stock maximum rpm. You also will need to flow alot of air meaning head work, cam, lower compression, etc to see ANY benefit. With a setup on a stock forged motor, you are just going to...
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    1800 HP with an IN tank Fuel Pump

    Edit: got confused with same thread I read on the Alley :) Mods please delete.
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    Weird discovery on my Viper...

    Weird.... I have that exact same thing on my red 97 GTS, except instead of a seal, it's a cartoon alien! I just bought my '97, and I figured someone had a decal on it at some point and it ate some of the clearcoat. I tried to get a picture of mine but my camera couldn't pic it up. Looks...
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    Ok guys...opinions needed.

    I obviously didn't watch 17 minutes of you driving around town, but from the little I watched I saw one thing. Try not to leave your hand resting on the shifter knob when you aren't shifting. It's bad for it and overtime can lead to it not wanting to stay in gear. Other than that, not too...
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    I have one ticket. I'm literally the Charlie who can only afford one candy bar to try and see Willy Wonka. :rolaugh: It only takes one though! Oh, and is it bad I would rather win the RSI TT kit for my Gen 2 than win the SRT?
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    Perfect Picture for the Red's...

    Wow. That looks awesome. New background for sure.
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    SMOKED tail lights??

    Does anyone know if Blue Batmobile is still selling these? I sent him a message a couple days ago and haven't gotten a response.
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    Anyone want to upgrade to a Gen IV?

    My Gen IV was black and very low mileage so I found I was always too scared to drive it anywhere. The forecast always had a chance of rain or I was worried about where I would park it. Also, I'm a very hands on person and love to tinker with my cars. I found with the Gen IV I couldn't buy or...
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    Anyone want to upgrade to a Gen IV?

    Made a "local" trade for a red '97 GTS "Gold Edition" (gold wheels and Slippery Pete badges) + cash! Excited to join the Gen 2 crowd and start modding!
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    Anyone want to upgrade to a Gen IV?

    Yep! I work at AC. Don't drive it to work very often.
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    Anyone want to upgrade to a Gen IV?

    Hey all. Just put my low mileage 2008 black with silver stripes coupe in the classifieds. I am considering picking up a Gen 2 GTS after it sells. If anyone on here is...
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    Car has been sold

    Just listed mine for sale in the classifieds. Black with silver stripes. 5800 miles. Few basic mods. It might still be under review for listing. Here's a link with some pictures though. 66k OBO...
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    I am a brave man

    Yes you are. Vipers are difficult to maneuver through parking lots for women in general because they are difficult to see out of if you are short. The good part is that Vipers have so much torque they are very easy to keep running without stalling out because you barely have to push the gas.
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    The wait is finally almost over...

    Enjoy it. You deserve it after all the crap you have been through! Let us know how the front splitter fits and attaches. I'm trying to decide whether I want to make my own or buy the Eurotech. Also will be good to see it on a car similar looking to mine.
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    Where to buy 3" exhaust tips

    Let me know how you guys are getting ahold of these cheaper tips used on the Belangers. I already have a custom exhaust but I had to use a reducer to reuse my stock 2.5" tips. I hate how empty the hole looks and the fact that I couldn't keep a full 3" exhaust all the way through!
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    The Eagle has landed

    Great color choice! More pics!

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