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    Roanoke Motors in Illinois

    Bought my Gen4 Viper from John Gastman and the staff at Roanoke Motors. They shipped to California without any problems.
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    Looking for engine, 05 Ram SRT10

    May want to check X2 Builders Salvage Yard
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    Cylinder sleeves help
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    SPT - the best in SoCal. Dan Cragin had retired last month, I don't know if the business is still open A & C Performance - Todd is knowledgeable on the Vipers in Murrieta
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    '03 Viper on ACC auctions
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    No Vipers in San Diego

    There are quite a few Vipers in San Diego. Check out the Southern California Viper Club for events.
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    What is the average cost to replace a window regulator on a 1996 GTS?

    Find a local auto glass shop, they may be half the cost.
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    Gen 4 New York State Inspection - Incomplete Readiness Tests

    Where in LA are you located? I have someone that can get the car to pass smog.
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    DLM & Greg Good

    Sent you a message.
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    Carbon Fiber Hood?

    Hoods at that price are probably fiberglass with multiple small carbon sheets. Fitment more than likely is terrible.
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    For Sale Rare – 2008 Dodge Viper R/T-10
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    Bring A Trailer No Reserve: 16k-Mile 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

    Dodge Viper RT/10 one of 300, finished in yellow.
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    The Quest for 250 plus MPH

    That's a beautiful car. Do you have any videos of the previous runs?
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    Valve cover refinishing

    JMB Performance ask for Justin
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    Where is the forum for So Cal VIPER club

    Not sure exactly what happen but, a few years ago a lot of members left the VCA. They started another Viper site.
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    California's new Exhaust law

    We have 6 trucks that we can't register in CA unless we spend more money to upgrade them.
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    Valve Cover Paint

    Contact Justin, he has done a ton of valve covers.
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    Where is the forum for So Cal VIPER club

    Check them out.
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    Had to do the same when my battery died. Drove on the freeway for 50 miles at a continuous speed. Passed with no problems.
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    Valve Cover Paint Issue

    Contact Justin at JMB Performance [email protected]
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    Welcome to the club. Let's see some pictures.

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