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    Do you ever just get tired of your viper ???

    That's blasphemy talk :omg: Get an SRT, that will change your mind.
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    Two Vipers In This Month's Issue Of Car Craft Magazine

    Very cool. Gives me more motivation to continue to do autocross. I have just done it twice and I really love it more than I thought I would. Many dont think the Viper is a good autocross car due to the high torque but I tell you the Viper really handles good. I was running respectable times...
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    What else do I REALLY need on a Paxton setup?

    Yes the gears and a qualife. if you hook up from a dig stock could break. gives you more peace of mind. that way you can put racing tires on it, hook and not have to worry.
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    New pics of my ACR with ISS Forged wheels!

    very nice. amazing of the color difference depending on the lighting. some make it look red. Beautiful ACR man.
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    When it had the stock springs it rode a little harsher. I could definitely tell the difference when I put the Eibachs on. Not only did it make it look better but it rides smoother. For sure $350 well spent.
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    finally able to get actual racing seat time. Joined SCCA and am doing autocross at the stadium every month now. Funny thing is I never have to shift out of first gear while everyone else is going into second and third gear. I am the only Viper there. It is really fun, more so than I thought...
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    Finally got to really drive my GTS Blue ACR

    Very nice write up Martin. I love the detail you gave. Cant wait to see the pics. Oh and I am jealous. Closest I can get to driving an ACR is on FM3. Still I love my 04 SRT.
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    Viper Logo and Daffy Duck....

    I couldn't see it at first but the drawing helped. Now I can. cool.
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    Roe TT

    Wow this is very interesting. Good to see a TT kit from a reliable vendor. If only you lived in Hawaii Sean, than I would stay broke :D
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    08 Viper with headers and 150 shot of nitrous!!

    Depending on the nitrous kit most claim at the wheels, so that is not too far off. Also not true as I got 741rwtq from a 200 shot and no way was I getting 541rwtq at the wheels before that. That was even before I had exhaust. These engines love the juice :D
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    aftermarket rotors

    Sorry I do not have a better picture but I have the Baer rotors and I tell you they look amazing. they are perfect for that show car finish. I get tons of compliments from them. Thank you JonB, I could not be happier with them.
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    Wiper blades replacement

    that would not of helped, one was torn. Was probably original when car was made.
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    Wiper blades replacement

    Good info for next time. Thanks Martin.
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    Wiper blades replacement

    I finally found one of the dealers out here that had one, yes just the drivers side and not the passenger lol. Luckily that is the one that I needed, the other one I had to pre order. $105 for the dang things :omg: they should be made out of gold. Trust me after being here for a while your...
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    Wiper blades replacement

    The bad things about being here in hawaii :smirk:. So I need two new wiper blades of course because it is about to be rainy season. Of course none of the dealerships out here have any in stock. And its a crazy $55, and that is not for a pair, but one stinkin blade. :omg: Are you kidding me...
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    Looks very good Nader. I agree it totally transforms the engine bay. I got mine installed last weekend. I will post pictures of mine as well.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Sent you PM Matt. Interested.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Everyone thank you for your helpful information and tips. I will be going with the headers and get them ceramic coated as suggested. Good thing it was mentioned here so I can get them coated before I get them shipped as I cannot get them coated here. Thanks ILLSMOQ as now I am not worried...
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Oh ok thanks Austin :) I will most likely be going with Belanger.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Thank you C-Note. very helpful information about the differences. So will I still have problem with the 02 sensors? I have the two small cats left and the two RT High flow cats.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Very good point indeed. I will be giving them a call.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Oh ok so no reprogramming then?
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Would it need to be retuned? Dan had already tuned my car but that was with the stock headers and corsa exhaust with RT High flow cats.
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Whats bad about them Austin besides that steep price :(

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